Aesthetic drinks •TikTok recipes•

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Hey guys hope you enjoyed today’s video! I really appreciate your love and support because it actually takes hours to have these videos it might not seem like it but it truly does and Thank you guys so much for 140 subscribers🧡

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_l._y__ says:

2:02 song??

Rachel says:

2:02 They didn’t bleach the strawberries did they?? I’ve seen videos on here where they tell you it’s a good idea to bleach strawberries, but it’s obviously not haha.

the little maniac maniac says:

The ice and blueberry one the glass looking like them sience potion jars

the little maniac maniac says:

Strawberry frozen cubes!?! 911!!!!

the little maniac maniac says:

The first ones song sounded like the song for willy wonka your imagination

Grace Alesana says:

Imagine drinking these on your roof while watching the sunset……

Insert Name Here says:

2:11 why her strawberries look like that 🖐🏼🤦🏽‍♀️


1:07 armyyyyyy

Aguss .P. says:

What is butterfly pea tea? I'm so confused

Jamila Attarwala says:

Ok i am trypophobic and those strawberries in circle shaped ice is just not it


These drinks are almost to beautiful to eat ;>

Noticed how I said almost :>?

Its Shünmi says:

I wanna put this in like my cafe in the future❤️

Annabel Cervantes says:

1:35 ew do people seriously make pumpkin into bloody drinks???

Annabel Cervantes says:

0:45 ahhh, so that's what happened to chunky milk

Amandeep Kaur says:

Neither first nor early but still here love ur videos

Queen Squids says:

I clicked faster then James Charles could say Hi Sister! Even tho i’m late

kit kat says:

I watch the lady who does some of these drinks youtube channel

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