Animal Crossing New Horizons EVERY FROZEN ITEM REVEALED (Snowboy Recipes) ACNH Large Snowflake Guide

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A guide to Large Snowflakes & ACNH Frozen Items from Snowboys ☃️

Today we take a look a second seasonal crafting material now available throughout the Winter season in the Northern Hemisphere.
Once the heavy snow-showers arrive and the Snow settles on the ground, these Large Snowflakes can be obtained after building Snowboys, by merging two Snowballs together.
If a perfect Snowboy is built, you can earn bonus DIY recipes for the limited-time Frozen furniture and use the Large Snowflakes to craft them.
Sadly Snowboys only stay for a few days before melting, but you can build more and enjoy the calming conversation every day.
Both Snowflakes, Snowballs and Snowboys will continue to be available throughout the Winter season, which ends on the 24th of February.
Are you excited to start building a Snowman every day? Or are you more excited about designing a Frozen-themed area on your Island?
Let us know 🥰

Today’s word of the day is… 🥁🥁🥁… “SNOWBOY”, because he’s a charming little character and deserves some love ❤️
So if you read this far in the description, please post “SNOWBOY” in the comments just to let me know (It would be super awesome to see you interact with the video).

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Sources/Credits/Further Reading:
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Special thanks to all data-mines, artists and influencers for sharing their findings with the community, including but not limited to AnimalCrossingWorld (@ACWorldBlog) and @8BitBish.

Path Designs I Use:
►Classic & Dirt Path:
►Train Station:

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►Intro 3D Artist:

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King Turtle says:

I love the DIY‘s but I can’t make a perfect snow boys!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

Cactus Girl says:

I’m hoping to make an ice bar!

Micah Lazo says:

Ooh so cool I just need 5 more perfect Snowboys for the recipes I don't have yet then

TwistMyMoose says:

Frozen. I like the frozen bed the best.

Anna Lepper says:

FROZEN – Looks like I still have a weeks worth of snow boys to make, and the other holiday DIYs still allude me

TtheWriter says:

Oh, there's 15 items to the frozen set? I thought it was 12. Well, back to making more snowboys, then! I'm glad this goes on through February, so there's plenty of time to mess up and try again. That guy demands perfection! (Frozen)

Happy Goth says:

You said the ice series can only be given from a snowboy. I must be incredibly lucky or there was a glitch because I obtain the 3 tiered snowman from a balloon, the item not the recipe, back in November.

Addika says:

I keep failing at making a snowman ☃️:(

Anson ikloiwvie says:

I have something to ask: Will the frozen items melt when Spring comes?

A B says:

Yes and yes. They are cool and the ice stuff glows at night, which is so cool! Thanks for this

Lisa C says:

I’m still trying to get a perfect snowboy every time so I’m going to try your technique from another video you made.

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