Appetizing Party Snacks !!! italian recipes!!!!

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Appetizing Party Snacks !!!!!!!!!!! italian recipes !!!!

Ciao Ciao my Amores, Cusine of Italy or most famous italian cusine.. 💝‼💯💯💯
Welcome to our Italian kitchen. Signores and Signoritas, welcome to our table, for breakfast or for lunch or dinner (it’s up to you) OR OURRRR PARTY TIME WELCOME ALLLL.

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Take pots and pans and learn how to make a tasty food. It’s our favourite quick and easy and VERY VERY VERY TASTY recipe. Just as we like it. Watch our video very attentively and you will learn how to cook perfect appetizing party snacks quick and easy recipe, how to cook party snacks recipe and how to made party food tasty, how to make pl-appetizers this culinary masterpiece, a delicious dish_ it will be quick and quick and easy recipes. Well how to make aparty snacks, italian recipes, snacks recipes.
⬇⬇ Appetizer recipe ⬇⬇ or delicious snack ⬇⬇ or quick snack
🔴#1 – Take all the ingredients :
🔴#2 – Making the basics for bread sandwiches :
🔴#3 – cut cucumbers, two types of round and long :
🔴#4 – Boil the eggs and cut into small pieces, mix with mayonnaise :
🔴#5 – mix Tuna with mayonnaise too :
🔴#6 – make a sauce from yogurt and mayonnaise :
🔴#7 – Put the ingredients on the base :
🔴#8 – Mix everything :
🔴#9 – Decorate with parsley or any herb :
🔴#10-Sprinkle with cheese, delicious ready :

🕒Cooking is quick, as always, all about 20 minutes.
watch cooking videos.

My Amores, our tasty dinner is ready, Buon Appetito to everybody 😍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot for joining our big Italian family, where everybody loves to cook and surely to eat TASTY FOOD on a silver grandma’s plates.

P.S. There are only two things that italians can do endlessly – drinking coffee and discussing FOOD.

Well, our new-born italian boys and girls, our italian kitchen is always open for you. Welcome and be our guests. And for sure all the food made here is always delicious and the mood is hot like Italy itself. Your super hot and tasty channel Ciao spaghetti.

We cook with passion.
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The Silly Kitchen with Sylvia says:

I love these! They look so pretty too!

Maria Ramsey says:

Wow you're a party queen, love it

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Hi my friend Happy new year great video
Bonjour Bonne année c'est une excellente présentation préparation
et super vidéo de recette ça a l'air vraiment très appétissant j'adore merci beaucoup pour le partage

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