Apple Pie in a Pan | No Bake No Oven Apple Pie Recipes

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No oven classic homemade pie which guarantees tenderness and creaminess. Cooked from a caramelized butter sprinkled with sugar added to that a sweet delicious apple 🥧🍮🍰



3 eggs
80g melted butter
180ml evaporated milk
300g flour
150g sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1-2 apple ( sliced)

1. In a bowl add eggs, melted butter, evaporated milk, flour, sugar, and baking powder. Combine until the batter is smoothen.
2. Rub the pan with butter and sprinkle with sugar before placing the slices apple. Then pour the batter.
3. Cook in a low heat for at least 25 – 30 minutes or until it’s done.
4.Serve and enjoy!

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Mariedol Tavas says:

Ingredients pls

Una says:

Did anyone catch how much butter? It blended in with the colour of the butter.

Army loves Bts says:

Hey why did my apple float? Can you plz say

Matlidz TNL Channel says:

My mouth watering na

four zee says:

Super delicious

Guavabanana Clips says:

This is great and very convenient, and most of all looks so 😋 yummy

MariThony Makinano TV says:

Yummy and simple good job 👏👏👏

Gambim&Gambim DeLa Cruz says:

It’s perfect! Yummy

RacqueLites says:

yummy apple cake…tamsak ko n po…followbn din kayo…sana sa akin din salamat..

fud&RoadtripSnaps says:

Perfectly done and looks delicious…


Galing galing naman kapatid at masarap

Hercules Vournelis says:

Love and support from Greece my good friend!

Yoga with Yong says:

omg, it looks easy to prepare, but so yummy at the end

marie fe basilio says:

Wooww…yummy nito…

Kamulog TV says:

Great idea yummy 😋😋

Irine M says:

Looks tasty my lovely sis❤❤❤😋😋😋

Kuya GB Channel says:

wow sarap naman friend, daming matatakam dito

LizaTony Vlogs says:

Yummy and delicious apple pie, thank you for sharing sis. God Bless

Nishika Blogger says:

Beautiful nice dear

yuu chang channel says:

wow sarap naman nito

JAPAMESHI - Vlog says:

Wow So beautiful! I wanna make it! I enjoyed watching it until the end. Thank you for sharing, my friend😄👍💕


HI My friend 🙂👌😃 how are you ? I hope you're fine ! 🙂👌😃 GG really good your video you do a very good job continue like that and in a hurry to see your next video stay safe 👍👍👏😊🌹💖😊🌺👏👍

Simple Life & Recipe by KC says:

Sarap apple pie sis easy lang din sundan makagawa nga nyan

Burn Reyn says:

Looks so yummy

4R online Tv says:

So great 😎😎👍️

Layla Hubner says:

Hello my friend! Great recipe! I loved it

JVN_SHY says:

so yummy and delicious recipe.

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