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This authentic Mexican salsa recipe is so simple to make and will have you making more.The best salsa you can ever make is the one you make at home. This recipe is very authentic and rooted to my culture. My red salsa recipe will have you craving it and making it for every party. It is definitely and amazing red salsa recipe. Its so authentic you won’t be surprised it has been passed down from generation to generation and now you can make it your own.

Recipe #1 Molcajete (Receta #1 Molcajete)
2 ea Garlic cloves (Dientes de ajo)
1 ea Jalapeño (Chile jalapeño)
Salt to taste (Sal a tu gusto)
3 ea large tomatoes (about 1.5 lbs) (Gitomates/Tomates)
Finely Chopped Red Onion and Cilantro
(Cebolla roja y cilantro en tamaño pequeño)

Recipe #2 Blender (Receta #2 Licuadora)
2 ea garlic (Diente de ajo)
2 ea large tomatoes (about 1 lb) (Gitomate/Tomate)
1ea jalapeño (Chile jalapeño)
1/4 of a small red onion charred or boiled (cooked) (Cebolla roja asada)
Salt to taste (Sal a tu gusto)

How to cure and care for your molcajete :

Horchata with cantaloupe:
Flour tortillas:

Spanish youtube channel:

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Villa Cocina says:

The recipe will be in the description area in case anyone needs it ☺️

guyver441 says:

Cooking and alchemy! Love the giant mortar & pestle. Great work, and thanks for the recipe!

David Carroll says:

I think it looks like a baby grey seal, great salsa by the way x

Juan G says:

I saw that molcajete and knew you were the real deal immediately, cheeers!

Dhamayanti Bagong says:

crushing with a stone, leaves the aromatic pouch open, letting out more cooking aromas

Aparna Khanolkar says:

Beautiful video and recipes! Thank you!!!!

Jeremy Heffern says:

Are you using Roma Tomatoes? Or any tomatoes in particular??

felipe araujo says:

Wow your voice is very beutiful

Lori Hunsaker says:

Thank you. So nice to see traditions being passed down. Love that.

Boy in a Blue Dress says:

some lime and bring out the chips👍🏼

Chancellor Palpatine AKA The Senate says:

Copied the recipe except I added a few extra goodies. Carolina Reapers and Dragons Breath peppers 🥵😡🤯😵
Reminds me of the stuff the lady that raised me in Mexico used to make.

joandrew siao says:

Hola I'm from d Philippines love to watch you a lot of Mexican food .tnk you❤️❤️❤️

Raj Karma says:

She is so pretty

Keri Monaco says:

All of the jalapeño I grew are not spicy at all😤.

maddogtannen69 says:

Great Job looks so tasty

Smurfe04 says:

Have my Molcajete seasoned and I am making this today. I am a bit confused about the onion though. You roasted the onion but that sure looks like fresh chopped onion added. Was that the roasted onion added to the molcajete? Did you cut all of the char off? Maybe when I roast onions I roast them too long? They always look a bit more translucent.

Daytripper Daze says:

This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try this recipe out. I really enjoyed the story about your mom’s cooking. Thank you for sharing part of your culture! ☺️

mike gray says:

Awesome post.

Patrick and Sharon Kirby says:

I'd made some spinach dip for my grand daughter and her Hispanic boyfriend thought it was horrid so I told him next time I made that dip for her I'd make salsa for him. I made your salsa recipe and sent it over. That night I got a call from her boyfriend. "um I have a question, are you sure you don't have any Mexican in you?" He couldn't believe anybody who wasn't Mexican could make a salsa that good. High praise indeed.

Maria Zingg says:

Was looking for this recipe thanks so much for sharing!

Mark Wilson says:

Muchas gracias!
How long would this keep for in the fridge?

MatrixStuff says:

Molcajete definitely looks like a bear

Palaw_Enia says:

Thanks for the recipe.

Jeanine Jackson says:

Delicious! Drop the Mic! 😋

Ponphan James says:

I made this salsa recipe last night and it was so delicious.

Perry Terry says:

My grandma makes the same salsa but she uses diferent chiles called chile de arbol which taste better than jalapeño ( For me ) and are milder so they bring a lot of flavor ( but theyre wayyy smaller )

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