Awesome Cooking Fish Soup With Traditional Noodle Delicious -Cook Fish Recipes -Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Fish Soup With Traditional Noodle Delicious – Cook Fish Recipes – Village Food Factory
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Mooey uttho says:

Is there Thailand? Everything looks similar to me also food, but why don't they speak?

Hong Phu says:

Really look not nice .

Raveendren Rj says:

Everything's around u are natural

rohit jetvah says:

Good job girls👍

Sokhoeun Uch says:

Yummy somlor prohaer khmer

Ivette Torres says:

Are you guys twin sisters guys are so cute love to see y'all

Ritoato says:


Ulle Bishope says:

It's so cool that you girls take time to cook together. If I asked my sister's they would be like…"ummm no."

Sheridan’s corner ??? says:

Are you guys twins or what because you look like exactly like each other

Love Always says:

Sweet, hardworking girls 👭

Eva Carlos says:

O que é isso branco fale em português traduza para o português

Eva Carlos says:

Deveria ser traduzido para o idioma português gosto muito mas não sei se ela estão preparando não saber o nome das Ervas queria até mudar meus hábitos mas não conheço o nome das plantas que elas usam obrigada

sujita bhujel says:

you two are sisters?

Gata Salvaje says:

I love this life in the village, without any technology. It teaches the young ones to be a responsible person.

C R says:

Both girls are very pretty!

Link says:

Are all three girls sisters

Nharypol Balmes says:

we love its your cook recipes your Fantastic.

Phea Nodag says:


cumacemi says:

Please make video on how to make the fish paste!

mansa musa says:

Nice food and pretty girls…much love from Jamaica !!!

betty clark says:

Are the girls twins ?:)

maria catacutan says:

i want to go cambodia just for this cooking i may live with this kind of recipe , healthy

Dannie Lor says:

I love the twinies!!! They are so cute! And very experience with cooking! I could never do the same!

Danielle says:

You can tell they’re all related. They have similar features. Like my mom and her sisters and brothers. Beautiful.

Roxana Maldonado says:

muy rico se be todo eso k cosinan

Hues says:

very satisfying to watch!

arlene bryan says:

love watching their videos! which country they are from?

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