Best Cajun Crawfish stew recipe

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Basic Cajun seasoning recipe:::: 1/2 Cup Kosher Salt, Or too taste 1/3 Cup Paprika 1/4 Cup Granulated Garlic 4 Tbsp Onion Powder 1/3 Cup Freshly Ground Black…

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Ballistic BBQ says:

Looks great JB! Bet that bread was KILLER too! 

johnholla1 says:

great video JB! real nice cold weather meal! hey have you ever use the
crawfish stock in collard greens before?

Tango Joe says:

The High Fire / Low Fire portion of today’s show had me hypnotized!

dana lee says:

Mrs JB is going to kick your ass when she sees that spoon….. Glad I
ain’t U.

John Lamanna says:

Minus 8 in St Louis today with 10″ of snow yesterday. A nice hot bowl of
that would go great!!
My wife dirties every pot /pan/utensil/ kitchen gadget we got when she
cooks. Guess she knows I will clean it all! Hehe

K Wil says:

Hey there JB, It is -20 at Snowshoe WV today and -40 with the wind chill!

keith bettag says:

yummy for sure, yea, justin wilson was a classic one, funny though, very
little of his stuff is on the net, damn good lookin stew jb

Lars Grillpjokken says:

Nice close-ups! Of the food, not your beard. Boy! :-) And thanks for
sharing a cajun seasoning recipe. I’m lucky to get the SYM seasoning you
commonly use, in the mail, when I like. 

craigstowing says:

lol ms. jb kick his butt woman…………..

ctechie06 says:

And I know you have said you don’t eat duck btw. I don’t either.

Michael Jones says:

looks great jb might try it with prawns and a bit more chili cheers jb 

Thaneii says:

You got weather in the upper twenties. It’s in sub zero twenties here!
All the dogs in the neighborhood who are peeing on trees wind up getting
frozen to them.

I thought this is the video you were making when we were on the
telly-o-phone. Hopefully I didn’t distract you too much. After seeing all
them pops your drank, and knowing how much I’ve been drinking at the
time, I’m fairly certain that both of our heads were in the clouds during
that conversation. I’m surprised either of us got anything done that day. 

DarylCincy DW's Southern Cooking says:

My favorite Cajun Dish, thanks for sharing it with us JB!

D Gravitt says:

Looks awesome !!!

Chef Bourque says:

Thanks for the video guy. Aieee!

anmoose says:

Ha! Mrs JB and her supersonic radar hearing.

Outstanding looking stew! And I do like the dark toasted roux – it’s got a
nutty flavor all its own. Whilst I await crawfish season, so I can mail
order some without taking out a second mortgage, I can see this doing *real*
well with shrimp. Like maybe tomorrow…

RocketApplianceMT says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA good drinking viewing

Sam says:

looks good boy!

melissa soenksen says:

Hey JB! My 30th birthday is going to be on February 7th….can you make me
a birthday dinner video of a good Chili recipe? I would appreciate it so
much :) 

Jody Stepleton says:

Thanks for this video JB…I have seen that frozen crawfish and wondered
what I could make with it!

slvmnr says:

No better Cajun than JW. Excellant tv show and cooking….excellant cook
The Hawks will have a good meal on those Tidy Whitey Saints……

FitAnge S says:

Looks awesome JB.great for the winter cold days. What’s your Facebook and
your wife’s Facebook pages?

ctechie06 says:

I only use Certified LA crawfish and shrimp. all those others make me have
an allergic reaction. Dr. said it was cuz they were from overseas and had
higher iodine content. BTW, Do you watch Duck Dynasty? I got the dvd set
for Christmas.

detroit dave says:

dam son ! you drink as much beer as me, worked in dulack parrish for a
little while don’t know if i spelled that right.

Dan Gwaltney says:

JB, I loved that video!!! Happy New Year too!!!

Nieycia Baham says:

I loved it Mr. JB!!!

goose4237 says:

I so miss food like that 

AnAmericanIdle says:


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