Best Garlic Shrimp Ever • Taste, The Chinese Recipes Show

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This garlic shrimp is delicious! Follow this shrimp recipe from chef John and you never have to worry about making the perfect garlic shrimp.

Steam the shrimp with garlic sauce and vermicelli at the bottom, what you’ll get is the one of the most appetizing food on this earth. It’s also a perfect dish for practicing your knife skills.

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Shrimp 200g
Red bell pepper
Spring onion
Vermicelli noodles
Minced garlic 30g
Sugar 5g
White pepper

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Surajit Purkait says:

Just look at that dish!! Simply Amazing!! You're such a great chef!!🤗🤗

technip0nk says:

This is the first recipe I've ever seen that uses the amount of garlic I would realistically use. When I saw you add the extra raw garlic on top of the cooked garlic, that's when I knew you were a real one 👌

我是貓 says:


Rico Ponce says:

Yeah its delicious but so much oil.

Carmen Thue-Tun says:

Woawh ! What an artist ! The best Chinese Masterchef John …. Congratulations .

mutiara sragen says:

very good taste…I like it so much..yesterday I try to cooked ready

saukwan Lau says:


cooking & backing with F.H says:

Chef looks very obsessed with cutting everything thin with that big ass "Satura" 😅 imagine getting on his bad side.. 😂

Caroline Tran says:

Amazing best garlic shrimp recipe,taste,yummy mouth watering.perfect presentation beautiful color, decoration,create.,awesome knife skill.Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work that will be appreciated You are such the only one ☝️ with artful mind in professional cooking Master Chef John Zhang.With Love ❤️ and Respect.Happy Lunar New Year

Serj Apion says:

chef gordon left the earth after watching this video.

frederick combes says:

Hi chef,Whats that liquid you put in the last???

icinema gr says:

No need to add Music You not tarantino!

Lpotts75 says:

Love those type of noodles.

ThatDutchguy says:

嘿大厦好 Chef, that shrimp dish 好看。

Really great recipe 谢谢了。

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