Best Way to Find All Winter Recipes

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Quality Trash says:

Is it possible for me to timeskip back so I can do the fall event w the mushrooms and leaves? ): I got the game for Christmas so I missed out on the event I really wanted )): especially the Halloween stuff

StayFriendly says:

me, who chose southern even though I’m in northern hemisphere:


milkymxoon says:

…I really, really should have played during the month of december-
I missed Toy Day, New Years, and a lot of snowboys

Dimension19 says:

You can customize it to different colors:
Me: yellow snow = pee

Summer Medley says:

I'm sick of snow on my island NOW I HAVE TO WAIT OVER A MONTH?!

Ms. Cole in First says:

I have the hardest time finding DIY's I just always get the same ones I already have :( I've missed so many cute ones!

Mr. Sir says:

I know the way to get the recipes, but I still dont know the "best" way, I thoight there were some tricks :(

Excursion Comics says:

For those who never heard an for those who wanna share it.

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Owen says:

So I’m not the only one that has started saying “mah ahl’nd” instead of my island

lia 314 says:


Abbey T says:

I have lots of cedar trees but they're not all decorated for some reason

snoop doggy dog says:

your videos are sooooooooo helpful

Alton Lipford says:

What is that wallpaper that shows up at around minute 4:15? I want it for my living room.

Bee Fey says:

me, playing in southern hemisphere:
i literally live in the north why tf did i do this to myself


Get kora to 100k she deserves it

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