Bondi Harvest – Best Recipes from Bondi Beach

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Best seasonal recipes from the best beach in the world! New video every Thursday Make sure you subscribe!

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Andrea Morakes says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, the locations and the food are
amazing! keep it that way :)

TheVegetarianBaker says:

Love the channel. Just found it. :D

Ernesto Soriano III says:

new on +YouTube

local + delicious.
bondi + food.

= yum.

Marble Salcedo says:

You’re amazing! I love ur videos though I don’t cook. Very cool and
interesting recipes! Keep it up!3

elizajane8 says:

New fan from Ottawa, Canada! Great recipes! Thank you!

Bondi Harvest says:

Thanks mate!

Neha Sinha says:

I did, they’re amazing. I couldnt find the track which is in your videos,
but it sounds the way summer feels, and how an ocean breeze tastes. Sending
love from Seattle! :-)

Bondi Harvest says:

Hey Mate, thanks for checking us out!

Sophie Amy says:

Love the idea of this channel! Keep up the good work guys x

Hayden Quinn says:

Love it lads, the team at Google were repping your channel big time so had
to check it out… Look forward to chatting more.. Hayden

MrVery Neate says:


Danielle Schneider-Loos says:

I watch a lot of YouTube and I got to say I’m really surprised that your
Chanel doesn’t have more hits.. Will definitely be sharing it and tell

Matthias Ollard says:

Awesome idea ! That dude is so talented and passionate ! Bring it on !

Bondi Harvest says:

Woohoo! Thanks for subscribing Karissa – just checked out your channel –
Love it!

Natalie Ho says:

hey bondi harvest! absolutely LOVE your videos, they’re just awesome! I
tried your green smoothie recipe earlier today and it was amazing! would
you mind doing more smoothie videos?

Bondi Harvest says:

Best office in the World!! Thanks for tuning in!

Neha Sinha says:

this is amazing!!! i LOVE the quality of these videos, it’s SO inspiring!
Can i ask, what is the music in the background? love it.

Bondi Harvest says:

The music is by a mate of ours Jai Pyne – written specifically for Bondi
Harvest! Look him up – huge talent! and his band the Paper Scissors

Camille Lierre says:

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this channel! Great filming, editing, the food
presentation is on point and I love that it’s all about local produce,
nice! Keep it up. :)

Bondi Harvest says:

We’re getting there! tell your friends! :)

Bondi Harvest says:

Thanks mate. make sure you subscribe so you can check out what I’m cooking
every week!

Angus Mclean says:

this is gonna do well.. good luck mate! Yeah bondi!

Mercy Herrera says:

Yeah!! Nice food and nice environment!!

Bondi Harvest says:

Hey thanks …love Canada yew

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