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For the printable full recipe and ingredient list: http://coopcancook.com/steak-bites-recipe/

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B Minnie says:

Made this for the 2nd time and ugh! Complete fail, practice makes perfect! I wanted well done and over cooked them 😔

Tara Flowers says:

lol THANK YOU for calling out the childish ppl they don't know nothin about no steak! chicken tenders & fries bih!

Cecilia Ruiz Gonzalez says:

You are so right …if you're going to eat steak at it's full yummy flavor it must not be well done. When I make this recipe (and it's a lot) eat it how I make it or go chew your teeth out on overcooked, flavorless, meat,someplace else or get yourself some fake meat.

Julio Soto says:

I’m childish 😔

Brianツ says:

Terrible video👎🏼 I’m insulted

J GRM says:

"Over cooked" steak is a choice, (not a whatever). Some people like their meat "raw" , and call it "medium rare".

Steve Sproat says:

Medium well is over cooked too!

Ladyboss Beba says:

Looks delicious I have the steak and had no idea how to make it watched 5 videos yours was the winner!!!

miimii porras says:

Omg, I tried this recipe yesterday and it's the best beef I've eaten ever!!! I loved this recipe!!

Stephanie McGuire says:

You did good:)


Thanks for sharing . I cook it tonight. Its delicious . New friend here supporting you

Julian Riley says:

thoy thauthe

Cliff P says:

Someone “cracked” that pepper on the fine setting.

abiha khan says:

I am just going to try this recipe now it's so delicious 🌹💋🇵🇰🍖

BecomingBrie says:

Cant wait to try this

Troy Burton says:

Short, straight to the point. Perfect. Wish all chefs followed your lead. 👍👍

Albert De Leon says:

You have to social distance the steak bites! LOL

Daniel Z says:

Damnn i’m gonna try this tmrw! Just bcoz your voice sounds nice 🤯

Erick Garcia says:

Made this today and it came out amazing!!! Thank you

JeanJanice Leontine says:

Thank you for this easy simple recipe… No more spending 13 whole bucks on a chipotle bowel 3 times a week when I can just pull this clip out🥴

Tameshea Muse says:

She Funny asf but look delicious 🤣🤣🤤🤤

Bite sized Oreos says:

I literally don’t see why eating well don meat is childish 🙄

Salt and Pepper says:

Checkout my channel for some amazing recipes !

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