Cajun breakfast gravy steak grits egg biscuit crowder peas & rice

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Grillades & Cheese grits Boy!

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Comments says:

looks like a great breakfast boy!

TheWolfePit says:

Damn that looks fine BOY! Where’s mine!

unknownbogey says:

Greak looking plate of food J.B. I found a store here in Minesota that
sells allens crowder peas in the can, or frozen in the bag (I forget the
brand on the frozen)..Which one would you recommend for my first taste of
crowder peas?

John Lamanna says:

Looks great. Do you have a scratch biscuit video ?? I’ll search your
channel. Made some the other day and they were just ok. Looks like that
breakfast would stay with you all day!! 

leetshots says:

hey jb, i tried grits here in the uk recently at reds true bbq, thought
they were a bit bland boy! but they didnt look like the grits i see here in
lweeseyanna! maybe needed more butter!

tabitha hammons says:

Looks YUM! Thanks for sharing JB!

ira Albucher says:

Hey JB, would you put eggs into the Griades? Or fries on top?

Reba Bend says:

Looks good.

Thaneii says:

Dems my tongs! How the hell did you get your hands on my tongs? Now I
gotta go a see if you been poking about in my underwear drawer. 

jim nelson says:

made the Cajun steak for my family tonight, big hit here, thank you very
much for sharing 

Choronzon39 says:

My grandmother use to make crowder peas with some green bean mixed in, yum.

bigredmachine55 says:

Good looking grub right there JB

DarylCincy DW's Southern Cooking says:

JB, now that’s a fine plate of food there I’ll say! I need to get me some
crowder peas, not had them for sometime. 

biggray94 says:

so yum it will make your thumb curve up

anmoose says:

HooBoy! I’ve got me some Crowders on the way from Camellia. They’d best
hurry and get here!

That’s a breakfast that would send me back to bed for a nap. LOL

shimir porter says:

hey jb do u have any vids on making boudain

steven lavimoniere says:

good job BOY not to bad for a southern

Steve Wilson says:

JB, that meal is better than great! Just finished chowing down before the


Let’s do breakfast: What are GRITS??

tophand27 says:

Registered Coon Ass. I love it. I got some people in Kaplan

FitAnge S says:

FoodPorn ! Lordy that looks deelish JB.

Choronzon39 says:

Is 0700 too early to start drinking pops?

Fishaholic77 says:

Yummest to the Yumm.. Boi! Looking goob JB.. shoulda left some room for
some GRITS

Pierre Pierre says:

Better than our croissants !! Super Yum!!

Chef Bourque says:

Looks good JB. Aieee!

bdwilcox says:

Pizza cameo.

AnAmericanIdle says:


MSE. Dzirasa says:

Now this is real food…yeah JB to the maximum yum…!!!

Ken E says:

Ye call those grits? We needs to have a full show on your grits cooking
channel. YUM and show us mudbug steaks and chowder pea soup as well:) Now
that’s talking there in my mouth. YUM:)

bebebutterfield1 says:

Psssssst JB you there? How bout them Seahawks? Hahaha

Ken E says:

Just YUM:):):) BOY Afta the tenth time trying to pay attention Boy 

Ronda Marie says:

One thing about us Louisianians we truly believe in a full plate no spaces,
I’m a fan and I subbed you too!!!

PrudIsDaWay says:

JB…. How come you don’t never ever have no rabbit on the grill, skillet,
or even in the oven…. Yah Boy!!!

GWRevolutionTV says:

I always ran from those crazy glue and paste eating kids in school LOL

Ken E says:

“but the most famous legacy McCoy left his country was his name”

Ken E says:

– Mais qu’est-ce qu’il fabrique, ton fils ? Il va tomber du tas de bois !
– Regarde-le, ce couillon ! il est même pas tombé, mais il va bien tout
nous faire tomber… Jojo, descends de là, que tu vas tout casser, bougre
de couillon BOY?

bebebutterfield1 says:

I remember the real Mc…mc…mc…yea I remember. Riffle man and daniel
Boon to. Lookin good JB TY for sharing.

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