Cajun Crawfish Etouffee with rice

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dannyboy5678 says:

Don’t know what I’d do without a bottle or 2 of Zatarain’s liquid crab boil
in my kitchen. Which reminds I’m running low on Slap Ya Mamma. Spot on JB!
Make some Boudin balls for us sometime!!

James Burgin says:

Over some fresh french bread with butter. The weather is gettin good for
that kind of food too.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@jbk100 Look at the bag boy! I’ll bet they from China…. Yuck o!!!

grandamchi2000 says:

Well…I am sittin here and I am hungery better share BOY!!!!! Good vid JB!
I like to keep afew in a row and look at them one after another! keep up ur

thegoatman62 says:

Great job JB, I will see if I can find some crawfish tails here in Central
Florida, I have seen it in the pass at Walmart but not recently. Keep up
the good work!

ammohead73 says:

Would love me a big ass bowl of that with rice…mmmmm!!!!!!!!!

SaintsnBraves3 says:

I haven’t had Crawfish Etouffee in a long time! Great dish.

NeuMasterful says:

According to wiki its: Étouffée, so spelling looks real good. Thanks for
the vid, love your stuff! All the best from Norway

kumquatsta says:

would popeye’s etouffee be legit?

jbk100 says:

Hey Boy! $12.99 a pound in Louisiana? Wow, I can get them here in Denver
for $6.99 a pound. This video has inspired me to cook the same for dinner
tonight. You ever try it on pasta? It is pretty good that way. Take care
and keep the vids coming. Jason

URanInTheUglyForest says:

I saw your video and went to the store right when I finished. I made a
slightly larger batch and added about 1/2 pound of gator. OMG! Yum!

clint0453 says:

Got it JB,, thanks. Now I have gotta make some this week,, will order my
crawfish online from your neck of the woods,, I am in Georgia ,, might
check the ones in Walmart to see where they are from .

anmoose says:

That looks like a dish right out of paradise. Yum to the max! Now the next
trick is trying to find Louisiana crawfish down here in Flowreeduh.

Bill Cr says:

Grrrrrrrr……………Dammit Boy, I need me some crawfish tails here in

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@anmoose Use gulf shrimp instead

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Everything they sell is damn good

Fielderfarms says:

That would make a dog’s ass stink for sure……..Thanks again

irishmerit says:

looking good JB.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

No bojangles down here

kumquatsta says:

i saw this stuff at popeyes here up north, wanted it to try it so bad, but
was too late. do you get bojangles where you are?

llabwons says:

Great looking dish JB! I sure was getting hungry watching the video, thank
goodness the wife called me for lunch. Looking forward to your next
creation. Take Care! Regards, Snowball Spooner Ontario, Canada

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