cajun Hot pickled eggs & sausage P1

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My BBQ rub is for sale here:

My entire family cooks great Cajun food, I learned from
them starting at age 10 & have been cooking since then.
I love to try new thing and can cook all kinds of cuisine.
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Plenty of Cajun & Creole recipes, History & tips ate The Gumbo Pages:

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TheRisingforce2000 says:

put them hot saugage cut up in pork an beans whoo boy yeah man you got some good stuff

Rebellious DuH says:

Sexy garlic!! 😂

wthigo77 says:

I say I say boy you go over there and beat that chicken hawk over the head with this here pickled sausage

seattwa says:

This looks like a union recipe to me!

Tom Cat says:

Dude, you got to do something a bout your bi-focals I mean all I can see is right up your nose……………….

Duane Scarborough says:

Love the recipe, but you kept saying Non-union over and over.
I'm not a union person myself, but what's union got to do with making pickles at home?

Ken Dude says:

Ice Cream video Comin next

Ceasar ross says:


Matt says:

Yea these cackles taste great. And the Sausage too. Great Job simple cannin. I hate cannin Might be non union, but its good boy!!!

Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

Gotta try this!! I think Ill kickem up a notch with a smatterin o VODKA!! Thanks JB!

Mark Rice says:

Thanks for the pickled egg recipe! Mine was ready today and BOOOOOOOY they was goooooooooood!

Harry Colón says:

Can I use siracha instead

Troy O'Fallon AKA Old Gringo says:

@Louisiana Cajun Recipes Thanks for making this video, I really enjoyed it. I'm from Arizona & New Mexico but I did live down in "Cajun Country" once upon a time. My foster grandma was from Quebec, haha so I learned a little French but I learned a lot of Spanish (my wife is from Mexico and where I grew up there was always a lot of Spanish lingo) … anyway, I remember the first time I went to a big grocery store (W-mart)… and heard these Cajun fishermen with these big waiters on (big boots for wet weather), I was listening to them speak and man oh man … maybe I got one outta 3 words they were saying. Haha, woo! but the nicest people (to me anyway)… I mean really super nice people that made me LAUGH constantly. well … a toute a l'heure mon ami, laissez les bon temps rouler! (I live in Missouri now and just found out they have 'Paw-Paw French people) French people were all over the USA! haha okay sorry for talking your ear off (I'm part Irish, they say we do talk a lot). Nice video!

japaneselibrarian says:

So now, the sausage you use is ALREADY cooked/ smoked. So you do not heat/ boil the sausage at all, just chop 'em and drop 'em in the jar with the other goodies? I may only be able to find ones I HAVE to cook. What then, JB? In that case. Worried about MUSHYness.

Matt says:

really tightned up the cackles yeh boy poweee

Richard Ellison says:

First i think the sausage is cool , second i would like to know what u would suggest as far as spices for pickled eggs

pete marrero says:

How long can these be stored JB?

Hugh Janus says:

That some cajun mouthwash right there! Subbed!


Oh wow, you're almost as crazy as I am. Great video. Just liked and subscribed. Keep 'em coming ~


John Floy says:

Classic JB right here!

Ruben Silva says:

Son, I just love how you cook…….

Maggie LaVerne says:

"I got some real sexy-lookin' pieces'a garlic…"  I love it. Love your videos. Maybe one day I'll grow balls, which will grace me with the courage to make my own YouTube foodery videos! Seriously, though… I've shown many a friend at least one of your videos. You rule.
P.S. really, REALLY hope I don't grow balls.

Peter Here says:

Craw-fish and pork sausage???? Man I'm living in the wrong part of USA

redneck500 says:

How many times do you reckon you can reuse that sauce? I'm considering making a half gallon bell jar full of your recipee. Wow that looks delicious.

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