Cajun meatballs & brown gravy

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over white beans & rice

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Dera M. Dennis Wiltz says:

When I miss my grandma I come and watch these videos. Your recipes are pretty much identical to what I grew up eating. Sending love from Lafayette La.

TheMrimg00d says:

Fresh out the damn can!! I feel that

sl1950 sl1950 says:

best cooking show

Dan Beowulf says:

Awwwwwwwww no…SHUT UP PHONE!!!! Cajun meatballs and GRAYYYYYYYYVY! Oh yeah boy. YUMMMMM!!!!

Critter Gitter says:

Yes Sir ! All that good chit ! Boy

bebebutterfield1 says:

JB it was the top right meat ball you missed Boy! This looks awesome and Imma try it soon TY for sharing.

Shaun V.C. says:

Oh, I added the diced wild duck breast to the meatball mixture.

Shaun V.C. says:

I made this last night, and this is bad ass(from a fellow Cajun in SE La btw) I added a little fresh tomato for acidity, and threw in some diced wild duck breasts(had some leftovers). Holy Shit Man!!! awesome recipe…Thanks JB!!

Joe48259 says:

Keep turning out the videos boy!

qtcarmen04 says:



This guys is freaking AWESOME!

skoggit says:

Hey JB, Meatballs look good enough to eat! LOL! Talked my mother into making he famous meatballs when I went to Fresno! Take Care!

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