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Alexis Bungay 23 (STUDENT) says:

Tasty: “For all ages!!!”
No one: old people getting diabetes and kids getting sugar rush… 😂🤦‍♀️

Monkey Craft English says:

Is there anyone here try these hack ?

Mamta Rani says:

Who else just watch this but never make it…😂

Eva Jonker says:

They said for all ages but they added alcohol to the milkshakes?

Cerenity :3 says:

So for all ages, even a 1 year old?

Gracia Mbuyi says:

They said for all ages but there are putting vodka in there and vodka is not for kids.

Parker Proft says:

“Desserts for all ages” has vodka and brandy in some

Tvianmay 21 says:

666th like!

Suspiciousdaminals says:

You guys, I think the “all ages” means there’s something for people of every age, be it adult or child.

ashlyn l says:

What do they do with all the leftovers and where do they get all the ingredients??

Laila Smith says:

Can you make a giant snickers?

T. Maanya sri says:

I just love these recipes if there is no eggs and non veg stuff I'll try everything

Frantube says:

I make the last one for passover with matzoh! It's always so good we call it matzoh crack XD

aloser addict says:

As always… YUM

Prabhaavi Jagannati says:

This is nice

ushna ahmed says:

I want candy

Maska Chaska says:

Healthy recipe 👌👌👌👌👌👌 stay connected 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

badkitty64 says:

This isn’t a for “all ages” video Tasty!!! You have alcohol milkshakes!!! HELLO!!!!

LittleMissOblivious says:

I don't get why everyone's complaining about the use of alcohol when the title says for all ages. My kids love vodka! It's a healthy drink to improve their focus at school :) Thanks tasty!!!

Endless Cooking says:

Finally a candy treat for my age

Malcolm Rawlinson says:

For all ages. Later brandy and vodka

Kelsey says:

0:28 When you dont get sponsored by Jollyranchers 😭 “hard candies”

Ig.97 says:

How is the vodka for all ages?

AnimeOnline 791 says:

Fact: brandy isn't even harmful, but is healthy tho

multi Lingual says:

Support this little girl who has Crohns and needs to exercise regularly. Please sub to her channel to give her some much needed motivation.🤗💓

Francis Nguyen says:

5 Delicious Candy Treats For All Ages from Tasty Turns 5 Years Recipes.

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