Charcoal chimney steak searing

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Use your chimney to cook a steak ultra fast

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asifyouforgot says:

0:45 foghorn leghorn vibes. Love it man.

Clay Polen says:

Nice Channel. Wish you had closed captions on your videos, only way for me and others to know what you're saying :(

jen bar says:

I love you JB. I feel like I know you, been watching you for over 10 years or so. There’s no one else like you and never will be. I’ve learned many cooking tips from you through the years. I hope you are well and happy, many good wishes for you ❤️

kodibass says:

Yehaaaaaa JB'' I can Now get to learning how to cook….. Again.. Your # 1 Alaskan Fan… kodi


Eh Boy! Good to see you back son!

Vince Edwards says:

My man got some Foghorn Leghorn in him!!!

Scott M McGraw says:

Aiyee! Love you Man! Keep on bringing the Rajun you Crazy Cajun!!!

Jess says:

Good to see you! Looking good!!! I’m so happy that you are doing better

Taylor Allen Group says:

Great to see you again brother…..we really need to hear from ya during these crazy times. You always make my family smile.

faceious2006 says:

Where’s your cold pop uh boy?

John Lamer says:

I was just thinking about this chimney thing the other day in my dreams. Good job!!!!

Black Sheep says:

That stake looks damn good

Chub Texas says:

Olympic swimming pool, cells, water balloons. Take the cigarette out of your mouth when you speak boy or stay stupid. Just get drunk and cook boy.

keith bettag says:

good to see u back jb—great vid and awesome lookin steak

Chub Texas says:

Missed u. Are you ok? Tell us.

Kiki Casey says:

Love he's back in the game….at least youtube lets me see his cast

Troy W says:


Brian says:

Glad you're back!!!
need to try the GrillMates Montreal Steak Marinade
good stuff right here!

Alexander Crews says:

Nice to see you back brother!

Erok BrewMeister says:

Jerk it JB, LOL ! Cooking good in the neighborhood BOY !

1WickedAngel1 says:

I heard "Beat your meat…Jerk it off…Skeet…Tag Team!!." 😂 Did I miss anything important?! LOL!! 😂
Hey Boy!! Good to see you!! Lookin' good!!
OMGosh that Steak, Potato, & Salad looked Amazing!! Btw, I love Litehouse Dressing!! 😋
I could sit or lay out in your yard all day long & listen to your beautiful wind chimes!! Your wind chimes reminds me of the church bells that used to ring every Sunday back home Detroit, Michigan. The old church was across the street from my Grandma & Grandpa's house & I loved hearing those church bells every Sunday. I went to Sunday school at this church as a little girl & the preacher was really old back then, I was probably 8. Well the years went by & he retired. When I turned 17 I asked him if he would marry my first husband & I. So he did….What a shit show that marriage was LOL!! 😂 Anywho….I love the sound of your wind chimes!! But I hate my first ex husband LOL!! 😂
Take'r'easy!! Love Ya Boy!!❤️
P.S.~ I use that Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning on all my meats, it's tasty in your homemade Spaghetti Sauce too!!

Bob Hope says:

Missed you JB, you're looking pretty healthy boy! Keep it up!

BG BBQ says:

Fine looking meal JB! Gotta try that with my chimney.

Justin Conkin says:

Glad to see you back boy! Was just thinking where did JB go?

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