Charcoal Grilled Seafood You Won’t Believe | Kitchen Lab

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There’s nothing that tastes quite like fresh fish and calamari grilled over super-hot coals, especially when those coals are white binchotan. Chef Bryce Shuman of Betony shows the Brothers Green the way.
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Charcoal Grilled Seafood You Won’t Believe | Kitchen Lab

Starring: Mike Greenfield and Josh Greenfield
Featuring: Bryce Shuman

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MIDAS says:

The brothers are really annoying. I feel like shoot them.

Dylan Huddle says:

Sweet pits bro… you got a hair net for those?

John Warren says:

I am the world's expert on charcoal grilling. First lay a FLAT bed of briquettes (never make a pyramid). Second place a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil (never use fuel) on the whole top then light. Third put the seafood on the grill after the paper burns down, 5 minutes. Briquettes will burn slowly and will smoke the seafood or meat to perfection. Seafood will take 30 minutes and meat one hour.

Tyler Smith says:

The coals were stacked too high. Too many sauces for stuff that looks good already. I mean branzino is a delicate fish why cover in in that weird chimmichuri?

Danielsan B says:

Does this kitchen have a vent/hood? At the very least, we know it doesn't have a smoke alarm.

jaime caballero says:

Make the video about to debone a whole fish like that

Daniel Edwards says:

So do they have an industrial fume hood in there or what?

CosmicVoyager says:

seems rushed…

Toby Posel says:

I just imagine all the crew and producers on this video running around screaming when they hear every smoke alarm within a ten mile radius go off

Kolby Pham says:

I feel like the Brothers didn't do anything but talk and have food-gasms.

Jorge Lopez says:

Wow that was awsome, definitely gona get that charcoal, nice transition at 3:30

Malcolm Mcmillian says:

Chefs awesome. The hosts are douchey

Michael Chan-Pong says:

It's hilarious how excited they're getting over it lol

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