Chef John's Most Amazing Grilling Recipes

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Hello Food Wishers! This is Chef John’s Corporate Overlord popping in for the day. It is our pleasure to bring you a compilation of Chef John’s most amazing grilling videos. We went through all of his recipes and found our favorites! From traditional to the uniqueness of a grilled potato salad, John has the recipe for you.

Turkish Chicken Kabobs:

Grilled Greek Chicken:

Grilled Garlic Shrimp:

Grilled German Potato Salad:

Barbecued Pork Skewers:

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Kevin Hullinger says:

Excellence ❤️

Len Beekman says:

How do fillet chicken thighs?

Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick says:

Saving the cereal bags is better at holding marinade than resealable bags and they are also better for sandwiches and chips.

TI M says:

Can you speak normally please. I love your recipies but that self created "accent" is really annoying!

Leadene Baker says:

I love watching Chef John. His recipes are great.

Small Food 999 says:

لوگ کتنے زیادہ ہیں
اور انسان کتنے کم 😒…

Small Food 999 says:

Waiting for kind a hearted ♥❤❤ who can actually support me and understand my problem 😭….

Small Food 999 says:

When life gives 100 reasons to cry 😢 ShOw liFe 1000 reasons to smiling 😃…..

Susan Farley says:

With any kind of grilling the wood you use is a important part.a friend grilled some ribs over hickory and cherry woods and the taste was amazing. My only regret was that my stomach so small when I wanted to keep eating but had no more room. Better than any restaurant anywhere.
I definitely agree with removing anything weird from the meat. You are the best!

The Original Chefboyoboy says:

where can I buy a good set of skyours?

علي القلاف نغم وفن says: للدعم منكم جميعا م

Kitchen With Dua says:

Amazing recipe

8nan sky says:


Janina Carter says:

What kind of cheap ziplock bags are you buying that it leaked? Come on Man!

Turabi Aşıcı says:

as a Turk whose home town is Adana (creedle of kebabs) i can say %75 accurate .base on traditional recipe but I am not criticising ofcourse you would make it fit to your own taste which is very very ok )))) ….

Ms. N.B. Kristjansson says:

Chef John is the Mr. Bill of the grill. (Oh nooo!) He is the Vince Gill of the grill.
He is the Donovan McNabb of the Turkish Chicken Kabab
23:19 unintentional plug for Big Green Egg
31:01 Chef John is the Peter Tork of the cut of pork. He doesn't Monkee around

Baba Gandu says:

Grill hack: cut a potato in half and run it over the metal grill so it doesn't stick

C. Richter says:

How could the potato salad be perfect without a little senf in the dressing? Otherwise, great job! I would totally go to town on it!

Another Guy without a Mustache says:

is it just me or does it sound like 5% faster or something

Gharelu Khana says:

good video

Akrep Kadını says:

Videolarınızın açıklama kısmına tarifi yazar mısınız lütfen 😊 Türkiye den selamlar😊

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