Chef's Favorite BBQ Roast Pork (Char Siu 叉烧) • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

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Master chef John Zhang shows you how to make easy roast pork (Char Siu) with step by step instructions.

Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork), known as 叉烧, is a popular way to flavor and prepare barbecued pork in Chinese cooking. It is finger licking’ good and you will be shocked how easy is it to make it at home!

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Barbecue sauce is made with shallot, garlic, ginger, red yeast rice, five spice powder, rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, hoisin sauce, maltose, honey, green onion, and marinate for 6 hours.

Chef John uses Boston Butt, a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg. You can also replace it with pork belly.

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Lan Pham says:

wow yummmmmy

maura cicipi says:

Thank you 🙏

yingwen chen says:


deleightfull a says:

Thank you. It looks deliciousssss. I really want to make it. But not clear on what kind of red yeast rice. Can you maybe give me a link of what kind to buy. Thank you so much.

J. Go says:

OMG 😍 My favorite ❤️ Yummy 😋

heng taing says:

Omg so delicious!!!! With some sriracha

Alex Thai says:

char siu has ginger??? weird

Al Storm says:

Has anyone made this according to the on-screen recipe?

June McQueen says:

Can’t find red yeast rice, is there a substitute

Daniel Putra says:

What ingredient can replace maltose?

Al Storm says:

Video says 2cups of maltose, but it shows him adding ~0.25-0.5cup… actually, few of the ingredients descriptions line up with what I'm watching.

Village Food says:

check out best pro recipe from village food and many more in my beautiful village

johan says:

why is it so damn complicated to make char siu :S

hall bless says:

I need some of these ingredients

Jaime Lannister says:

xie xie! Thanks alot for making the video so easy to follow, you really make a norwegian born chinese guy go back to his roots

Donald J Joseph says:

ohhh~~~ my~~~ goodness~~~~

chayaphan jirachanakul says:

Please help me I don't understand in video.
Red rice yeast 1cup = 1Dry measuring cup?
or 1cup=….gram

Rob Blackwood says:

Hey hold on a second! I thought this was supposed to be barbecued roast pork? All this is is pork fried rice. No BBQ means it's not BBQ.

Vidya★James says:

Thank you for these videos! Watching a master of this art at work preparing delicious looking foods while listening to this beautiful music is so soothing. 😁

Dwight Taylor says:

Where to get red yeast rice for cooking. Not the supplement

jiggsjelly says:

don't try this at home…you have no chance.

Esox Lucius says:

God that meat looks awesome.

Bea Torres says:

Best BBQ ever & I'm not much into BBQ love it thanks for sharing wow incredible 💖😉love all the ingredients I can just taste it yummy


The music is so peaceful 😄

Hoang nguyen vuong says:

what's MALTOSE sir ? i dont understand ? it's mean MALTODEXTRIN ?

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