Chicken Parm Low Carb Keto (Ketogenic) Recipe

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This Chicken Parmesan RECIPE is fabulous tasting and great for those on a Low Carb Diet | Ketogenic Diet (keto). Even for diabetics! Thank you for watching, from my heart to yours.
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DeeDer says:

Tried your recipe last night & everyone loved it. The others never even knew it was Keto :)

Dennique Harrison says:

What kind of sauce is used, and what kind of oil did you fry the chicken with?

Geraldine Hirakawa says:

Did you make a video for the red sauce?

jenbinuya says:

Hi! Sorry but what are the ingredients for the sauce or is it available in groceries thanks

Christian Hart says:

What are the macros for this?

TheMacocko says:

What oil did she fry them in?

Anna Galoa says:

Dis u made ur own tomato sauce?

greekosdarkness says:

The frying portion lost me. Frying on keto added carbs.

Makeup Mommy says:

One of my favorite meals 😊 thank you!

BOB Doyle says:

but the tomato sauce kind of kills the keto aspect of this recipe no?

Billy Batson says:

No such thing as “trim the fat” in keto recipes

celina hazzard says:

What kind of red sauce do you guys use?

ZOPY says:

is it a japanese SHAN ZU santoku knive?

rayh53 says:

Looks good, thank you. I like the parm added to the breading as well as a healthy dose of sea salt. I'm going to try baking a shorter time (since the chicken is already cooked) then broil to brown the cheese. Then serve with Shirataki noodles.

Melissa Campos says:

Is there substitute for almond flour?

Priyadharshini Balasubramanian says:

Red sauce is marinara sauce?

Sharon Robinett says:

The receipe used to be attached here. I don't want to buy a book to get it. Is there something I'm not seeing to click onto it?

Gabriel Mark115 says:

How long do you fry them before transferring them to the sauce for the baking?

p t says:

Was that parsley flakes or cut up fresh parsley?


I’ve been all over YouTube trying to fine Keto foods I like …if one more person says something to me about a bun less burger, cauliflower rice/pizza …I’m going to scream

Tameka Harris says:

Great recipe👍🏾 gonna try this one too😂🤣

C B says:

yes that would help to know what sauce you are using.

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