Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You Need To Bake Now • Tasty

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suraciddac says:

Trust me. The cake batter one doesn’t work with two eggs, it makes it too liquidy and it spreads. You’re better off doing it with one egg.

Mason Chong says:

You showed the vegan cookie dipping in milk

josh says:


Zehra Banu Ünlü says:

Ok. I'm going to my kitchen now. Wish me luck.🍪

BlazingVanilla says:

In the first recipe is it plain flour or self raising? I think its plain but im not sure.

Cole Ratima says:

Who here “THOUGHT” they could make these

Jessica Jackson says:

Tittle: u need to bake now
Me: I think not it’s 5am and I haven’t slept cuz am crazy

Asocialite says:

for the love of god please stop doing recipes which are just
'cake mix, chocolate chips'
You're better than that Tasty come on.

latte owo says:

I've been begging for my mom to bake this.

JiminArmyFan Bts says:

Are you sure they don’t fall apart??

elohel says:

Y’all upload this video once a week

Blue Diamond says:

4:20 bruh no

Danny Orozco says:

Does anyone know where to get the recipes for each? (written out)

Brandon Postel says:

Why do i always stumble upon baking videos when i lose weight

linda parker says:

Wonderful video ! Thank you !

Rafael V.T says:

Then= This Is So Delicious That You Didn't Have To Watch Any Chocolate Chip Recipe Anymore

Releases New Recipe

Tracy Nguyen says:

Me: wants to eat like icecream
My mom: there’s raw egg in there
Me: idc

Mackenzie watts Mac says:

The 1st cookie recipe is so bad they tasted like pancakes. And before everyone comes at me, yes the measurements where right !!

JustAGachaUnicorn says:

Why am I watching this if I'm vegan…

Baij Weiss says:

I have like all the ingredients in my house but… I’m on a diet

Get_Shanked says:

You forgot to add the whey protein powder

TanyaTheBOT says:

I wanna make these stuff but I'm too lazy xD

Cool Cheese says:

I just buy the premade stuff at the grocery store

edddd321 says:

You mean Chris Morocco’s chocolate chip cookies right?

Aizawa says:

All the ones like "add 4 cups of sugar" NO THAT IS TOO SWEET

cup of coffee that's a little too hot says:

Cookies are only acceptable if they THICC and PHAT

DramaticYT says:

just buy cookies from stores and microwave them for 12 seconds. BOOM you got a warm cookie

Revive Leopard says:

Tf is this trap shi in the background


Did he dunk the vegan cookies in milk?????

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