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Christmas Candy recipes are so fun. Making Hard Candy adds to your Christmas Cheer! Learning how to make hard candy is not hard! Learn how to make Christmas Candy at home! EASy. Christmas candy makes great gifts. Impress friends with this great gift by learning how to make Hard candy.

The Holiday season was never complete until my family made batches and batches of Christmas candy. Flavors like cinnamon, peppermint, wintergreen, anise, and lemon filled our home.

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0:00 Intro & mixing the ingredients
2:14 boiling the candy and hard crack stage
3:01 pouring candy and cutting
5:54 Tasting our deliciousness!

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Not that long ago a friend of mine texted me asking if I knew how to make hard candy. I replied back quick and said I would love to show her how IF we were able to tape it. She was just as excited as I was. She then went on to make many flavors to pass out to all her friends and family.

The recipe said that the candy needed to get to 300 degrees, and that took about 20 minutes. It also said that the candy needed to get to the hard ball or hard crack stage. In my family we never used thermometers or timers. The hard crack stage is what you want. Watch the video to see how to check to see if your candy is ready to pour. And when you pour it remember that you need to have a level surface or some of your candy is going to be really thick and it gets hard to cut. We also realized that heavy duty kitchen scissors work best when cutting the candy.

Christmas Hard Candy
3 3/4 cups white sugar
1 1/4 cups Karo syrup
1 cup hot water
1 dram candy flavoring
food coloring
3 cups powdered sugar

Combine sugar, syrup, and water. Bring to boil. Let boil watching constantly until liquid gets to hard crack stage. (see video) Do not leave mixture boiling on stove unattended. It turns quickly from hard crack stage to burnt sugar.

Once hard crack stage is obtained immediately take off the heat and add the flavoring and food coloring. Pour into large cookie sheet with edges. Allow to cool enough until you can start picking up and cutting. Drop pieces into a bowl of 3 cups of powdered sugar. Once cooled sift extra powdered sugar off and store in air tight containers.


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Muskan Khan says:

Mam…..I want to contact you….plz mam contact me

Muskan Khan says:

I want to ask you about making candy that how do you make candy hard?
I make a candy of liquid glucose but it is melted… can you tell me? What do I do to make the candy hard?

Stacey Blizzard says:

Put them in a bag and smash it into pieces and then put into sugar. Less likely to cut yourself. Im 60 and my mom always put into a bag . sometimes she used my dads rubber mallot.

ícҽís թհօҽղíx says:

I prefer letting it cool all the way and then smashing it.

ícҽís թհօҽղíx says:

Cake batter flavour is SCRUMPTIOUS 🎂

Teresa A Browning says:

How much extract?

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