Cincinnati Chili

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Authentic Cincinnati Chili is a meaty, rich, and uniquely spiced chili from (you guessed it!) Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s served over hot spaghetti with your choice of toppings. Don’t forget the cheese and oyster crackers! #chili #cincinnatichili #simplyrecipes #cincinnati
Let’s make some chili!

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Videos On Your Website says:

In Cincinnati, we don't twirl the pasta. We cut it and eat by the forkful.

John Kim says:

What do the unsweetened chocolate chips do for the sauce?

Aaron Christoffersen says:

It’s too red. Can tell it’s off just by the color.

nateman79 says:

I would say one TEASPOON of cinnamon. And ONE tbsp of cumin! ONE! Too much cumin or cinnamon will kill a pot of chili and I do not think chocolate is necessary…..lemme rephrase…..use half the chocolate and cinnamon this recipe calls for.. I know this is blasphemy to some people, but I have had delicious Cincinnati style chili with diced mushrooms cooked in…

Jay Eddy says:

Decent job, looks delicious. Please don't call it Cincinnati Chili though if you don't understand the concept.

Joe Serrano says:

That ain't CHILI!!! Where are the beans, kidney or pinto beans are a must to be a GOOD Chili, there's only meat here and the spices are cool, but that's only spaghetti sauce! I'll stick to Texas Chili with Beans and meat(optional)! :)

Steve Logan says:

Nice recipe, but i have greek friends, & your only close to Cinti chili, chocolate added is a myth.

Heather Valencia says:

Why does the apple cider vinegar have to go in the next day? Does it make the chili taste bad if it sits in it a while? I'm trying to make a big batch that I can freeze. I wouldn't want to freeze it knowing it could get ruined.

Karen Gravatt says:

Mine came out a little thicker then the skyline chili so I may simmer just an hour next time. Thank you for sharing . I thought it was great!

D.S. says:

That looks awesome!

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