Crawfish Etouffee po' boy

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Easy and delicious all in one po’boy on garlic bread. Here’s a link to how to make a Crawfish etouffee aka CF stew

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Lettuce Carrots says:

I really respect you for buying Louisiana crawfish versus the cheaper Chinese crawfish which was grown in God knows what and handled in a factory with little to no regulation or oversight. Great video! I live in Texas and I’m SO jealous of the French bread you get. Unfortunately, Louisiana French bread cannot escape your state’s borders apparently.

older than derp says:

Get off ya lazy ass and make some more videos boy.Don't make me come down there.

Ross Harris says:

Man! how are ya!!? Yes you really did it this time; right on it!! Very Good (Homemade) ettoufette; or everything. Thank you again 😁🖐

LilyOfTheBurbs says:

i adore your cooking videos

Jason Cleveland says:

Welcome back JB I’ve missed you

Michael Jones says:

Good to see JB

Chub Texas says:

Looks Yum! Did Mrs JB love it too??

SeabasstiaN_5.11 says:

JB!! What’s happening Homes!!! 🤙🏼👍🏼🤤

Jim Stone says:

JB I miss your channel man, learned a lot about cooking from you

The Home Dad says:

Man JB that looked delicious. Wish I was your neighbor. Good to see a cooking video.

TheCommenter7 says:

That's next level poboy business right there

henry bob swillikers says:

Much love! Yum! I'm so happy I found you JB, after I subbed I have had the pleasure of catching up on your vids!

SK's CRAPPIE Catchn Adventures says:

I agree cheese overtake what is mixed with…. Wow did all those plates look delish and is have any of them….. Good Stuff….Ya Boiy……

Creole & Cajun Living says:

Looks like a messy but delicious roast beef po-boy. I may try it.

Pecker Dúnlaing Space Dolphin Brigada says:

Send some up River

Stephen Sano says:

Go JB! Black and white makes light and pay day is on Friday! Construction folks gotta stand together!

MissValerie says:

Oh my goodness. Lord, I am coming over to JB’s house with my plate because it will be only touch of heaven I will ever have.

Future Dictator Of Detroit says:

Been a long time since you made a video

Barb_Lahey_5744 says:

Oh damn, looks so damn good. I cannot wait to move to Lafayette in a month!! You just can’t make food like this anywhere else. You can copy it but it will never taste the same. So glad to see you making videos again JB!! 🥰🔥💋

Dane Walsh says:

Looks awesome!

Smoking TarHeel says:

Great to see you again JB. Haven't seen you in awhile! All the best from North Carolina. I like your idea for the PO' boy. Great photography too!

Ragin Cajun says:

Hey JB, hope you’re dry brother, we gettin hammered with all dat rain 🙏😎🐊

Spoiled Angel says:


Tipping Toast Media says:

Second comment boy!!!!!!!!! Oooo weeee!

Robert Harris says:

First hey boy

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