Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops in 20 Minutes

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Cream of mushroom pork chops is a simple and easy recipe. As stated in the title, the entire recipe can be done in about 20 minutes which makes it a great midweek recipe. Your entire family will love it, and it will be a hit with your dinner guests. It is one of my favorites.

The recipe involves pork chops seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. They are fried for 6 to 8 minutes then set aside to rest. After that, some cream of mushroom soup and chicken stock are added to the pan and brought to a boil. The pork chops are placed back in and the dish is allowed to simmer for a few minutes.

When plated and garnished with fresh parsley, the dish is simply out of the world.

Watch the video, try it, and let us know what you think of our cream of mushroom pork chops.

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TheCooknShare says:

Hey Guys! What dish or video would you like us to make?

EmmaMay Espinosa says:

That inside out grilled cheese sounds so delicious, but you’re cream of mushroom pork chops look scrumptious, I could just feel my mouth watering🤤

Gloria Okemow says:

Can I use chicken broth instead of chicken stock?

marina mac says:

pleas germani !bitte rezepte deutsch übersetzen. deine rezepte sind super!

maoz says:

What happens to the rest of the sauce? Goes to waste ?

Randy R says:

I been cooking this for years it’s so easy and fast to do, and you can use chicken to.

Rose S says:

So basically salt and fat. Of course it’s delicious but hardly groundbreaking.

dave m says:

Can you use milk instead of chicken broth?

Edye Chute says:

Looks delicious ! I love onion and garlic powders. Love my copper skillets too

Dan 821 says:

I am not a big fan of cream of mushroom soup. However, I tried this two different times, first making it with Cream of Chicken soup and added some sliced button mushrooms.
The second time I made it using Cream of Celery soup and added the sliced button mushrooms. I have to say that this was very simple to fix, went well with rice or potatoes, and was amazingly delicious!!
Thank you for these simple recipes that we can use as a base for meals and modify as needed. They are amazing!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Debbie Mcclure says:

Fixed this for dinner tonight and it turned out amazing. Everyone loved it, even my hard to please family members, lol. I didn't have cream of mushroom soup but I had cream of celery so I used it instead and sauteed mushrooms, onion and garlic and added them to the soup. Will definitely have this again. Again , thanks Dave 😊🙃😊

girmarcar1 says:

I made this dish, but I used the champignons cooked in the pan with some slices of onion and spices and made the mushrooms cream with the minipimer, wonderful result!!

Debbie Mcclure says:

How did I miss this recipe, smh. This will probably be dinner tomorrow. Sounds amazing. I love garlic and onion powder too. Two of my favs. Tyfs God bless you

me says:

Recipe says 20 minutes, but on there printable recipe it says 7 minutes total cook time.

Willa Johnson says:

Oh my goodness yesterday I thawed out some pork chops
Browned an onion browned the chops
Made gravy using mushroom soup chicken stock added some mushrooms…..
The Best pork chops I have ever made. I think I may have mixed up a couple of your recipes in my head but that gravy was so good will Definately use your idea from now on
Thanks lo e your cooking.❤😁🍖🍰

mYsticMessyMe says:

Omg I made something similar, I love to come up with my own food sometimes , I used some mushroom soup and mixed it with chicken soup so it was very similar although yours was a chicken stock 😊 I added just a little bit of curry too ( my husband says he hates curry but always compliment the food he doesn’t know I add curry ) 😂😂 when I tell him he’s like okay make this again 😏

GogoBritt says:

I could never get the sauce right. Thank u so much

Becky Hines says:

Looks great but think I would add mushrooms if I had them on hand also. Thanks! 👍

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