Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork • Taste Show

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Simply one of the best ways to cook pork tenderloin. The tenderloin slices are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Coated in the refreshing sweet and sour sauces, this pork tenderloin dish is best served with rice.

Called “锅包肉” in Chinese, this pork tenderloin dish originates from Northeast China and is a local favorite. Invented by Zheng Xingwen, a private chef for a Chinese official working in Harbin in late Qing dynasty, the sweet and sour flavor was devised to delight his Russian guests.

After the pork dish spread to nearby Liaoning region, Zheng Xingwen added ketchup in the stir frying process, and the dish tastes just as good, though locals in Harbin region still prefer the the original cooking method.

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Pork tenderloin 400g
Yellow rice wine 1 tsp
Soy sauce
White pepper
Water 1 tsp
Soy sauce 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Apple vinegar ½ tsp
Sweet black rice vinegar 1 tsp
Honey 1 cup
Potato starch 2 cups
Cornstarch ¾ cup
Water 1.25 cups
Chinese cooking wine
Ginger slices
Spring onion
Red bell pepper
Sesame oil ½ tsp

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R H says:

amazing!! I cant wait to try this out

Ibelieve inmiracles says:

This looks fab. I'm just not sure those measurement are what you say?? You put a lot more than 1 tablespoon of sugar by the looks of it. Anyone know exact measurements?

Carroll Tee says:

Iwill make my own version

Marc Xu says:

大内高手! 厉害。

sawako chan says:

that looks like gold bar to me, yums.

Cooliceman says:

I could watch chef john cut and cook all day. A true master

greatness1988 says:

This video got me feeling relaxed and hungry

Marlene Pedrera says:

Is the slice on the ginger called juliet? How do i cut it like that?

Almxghty Drew says:

This make me realize I need bigger wok

agnes renggani says:

I love this dishes when I am study in Qingdao, China

Sujeet Singh says:

I watch this channel because of its satisfying cooking

J Russell says:

Nobody going to talk about '1tbs sugar' filling the entire screen and half the bowl being poured in, or being at least 10 times the quantity of '1 cup honey'?? Follow the quantities listed and yours won't taste anything like it should, due to the terrible inaccuracies in measurements.

cnon says:

That is sirloin not tenderloin but good video.

Albert B. says:

Chef John can outcook you with one hand behind his back 😜

Qin Wang says:


Marcela Umandal P. says:

wow so very good

Lily Wang says:

Hi Chef John, what type of Chinese Wok you are using please? Is it cast iron or an iron Wok. ? I like to invest in your kind of Wok. Txs Chef.


You are looking very gorgeous,and your cooking is very much nice.And I am your subscriber.

Martin Urry says:

Oooooooooooo how good you are chief John I wish you cook for me cos I hate to cook but surely I am going to try your food keep it up

Dis Donc! says:

This food is justsoo unhealthy, it actually hurts. But unfortunately it tastes soo good 😉

MisterT No name says:

Again frying everything

Efraim Brian says:

Is this chef can't cook without wine?

Jay says:

The sugar looks a lot for 1Tbsp

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