Delicious Chinese Seafood Tofu Stew • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

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A hearty winter Chinese seafood tofu stew to warm your stomach and soul.

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Soft tofu 1 pk
Scallops 100g
Squid 100g
Chinese cooking wine
Shrimp 100g
Ginger 5g
Green onion 5g
Tomato 20g
Onion 30g
Carrots 20g
Soy sauce ½ tsp
Tomato sauce 1 tsp
Hoisin sauce 1 tbs
Salt 2g
Pea shoots

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Victor W says:

When I see him blowing tofu, I always feel sick

Makhni G says:

Hen n labra again common sidy

mike LJR says:

didnt need starch.

kerry lin says:

thank you 🙏🏻

egemnihal Ege says:

Harika oldu yemek isterdim valla çok lezzetli olduğuna eminim 👏👏👏🍴

Haroon Baba says:

Very good,I'm from Pakistan,ur work is good I very like,

Paulinecpk ASMRi says:

thanks chef… you are my fav chef…

Bojun Sun says:

My dad always teaches me: 1. When cooking seafood, don’t add cooking wine as it’ll cover the freshness taste of seafood; 2. don’t boil the seafood before cook it, as you will throw away the freshness taste of seafood as waste. Obviously, this chef doesn’t know these 2 points

Lt. Mogar says:

How much water ?!

张先生 says:


Haoran Yu says:

Trick get!

Ana Ruth says:


Sadaf Ali says:

I like u I am Pakistani

rupa roy says:


David Saul says:

Always staggers me watching these videos just how bloody sharp that cleaver must be!

Salma Imtiaz says:

I tried it and it was flawless, thankyou chef…I am happy that I follow your recepies

zikra shaikh says:

I love your cutting style sir… Brilliant nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Luv-wk Choi says:

Awesome dishes

Best Funny Videos says:

Please join master chef show just to show the judges how better you are than them!!!

Alison Raymond says:

Speechless…exactly I'm drooling.

Wendy Singh says:

Looking really yummy wish I could eat that right now .I have d flue

lotus chang says:

Love all your channels with full recipe provided. Thank you so much.

Russian Kimuchi Sugoi says:

He loves to use cooking wine in almost every dish 😁

Chandra Nugraha says:

Gordon Ramsay has left the chat

stopdropandroll says:

Your order will be ready in 2 days, sir.

Rupurrt Purrcy says:



Raymond Tang says:

Hey man love your channel and your recipes. Is it normal that this dish taste really sweet and tomato ish .. and the soup is more red then white…. did i mess up?

Walet Srity says:

I keep the hallal way of cooking to be practiced .

Any way i just want to say thank you Sir . .😍😍

Seema Singh says:

You are simply the best

M Clare says:

This man has missed his vocation in Life!
He should have trained as a brain surgeon.

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