Digestion Update | 2 Months Dairy & Gluten Free | My Honest Thoughts

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Eylul E says:

Okay so im gonna go diary free tomorrow. I lovee cheese and eggs and diary but im going to stop because i cant take the bloat anymore and the digestion. I cant deal with the fact that i go to the bathroom once every 4 days. I will eat a tiny meal and my stomach will be, like she said 6-7 months pregnant. Im going to do it !!

msp moviestar says:

Yay! I’m glad I found this video because I recently found out I’m allergic to dairy, wheat, and glutton..

Guli J says:

Oh snap! I came to see the result but your eyes are got me like crazy, So beautiful

Sacha Palmer says:

I have developed inexplicable intolerances to dairy gluten and eggs, so this is really helpful xx

Jessica Hogenkamp says:

I had to go to gluten and dairy free because of the same thing. I went to the doctor way too many times to have to figure this out . I was in sooo much pain. Actually doctor just told me I was plugged up and then I called my mom who lives far away . She said she was gluten and dairy sensitive . This blew my mind I never knew . Then my cousin reached out to me after a post I made on social media and he went through the same thing. Now I've been about 95% gluten and dairy free . I'm eating about 70% organic as well. The difference in my body is staggering. I feel soo much better !!!!! I started April 15th and already I feel like a different person. I've also started doing ariel yoga since my gym is closed due to covid 19.

Rochelle says:

I’ve gone dairy free because it was really affecting my digestive system and I’m seeing some difference which is good

Celinee Mora says:

Have you checked into Candida overgrowth in the gut!?

Digestive Problems. Many individuals experience chronic intestinal distress when battling a candida infection, as yeast overtakes the intestines. Persistent flatulence, burping, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, and stomach cramps may be caused by a lack of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.

Ireyah S says:

This was a great video. Thank you for being so transparent about your issues. You are not alone. I suffer from digestive issues as well. Extreme bloating gas and discomfort, troubles in the bathroom, etc. It can make you sad and depressed at times….and like you don’t want to be around people. I will definitely look into food combining, and cutting out dairy and gluten. Thanks again! 😀

Megan Sarabia says:

Your starting on my birthday July 8th 🥳🍭🎡🎉🎊

Jesus is the Way the Truth the LIFE says:

BRUH… The black hair is IDEAL…. Suits you SO WELL…. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


Just to put it out there cutting out dairy and gluten REALLY helps the skin

Pj K says:

Same I cut it out and I dont get acne anymore, but once I accidently ate gluten and a huge pimple apeared on my face. So gluten dairy definitly cause inflamation
But I was researching online and it says people respond differently to inflamation, some people get hair thinning, some get eczema, some get acne , some get weaker bones, some get gas bloating and even other etc reactions.

I definitely think ppl should eliminate these foods and see if they feel better.

Britney Ciampa says:

ur skin is so perfect-

Angela Anasta says:

Girl you look amazing congratulations

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