Easy Dessert Recipes – Slow Cooker Baked Apples

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Victoria Paikin pleased to present this recipe about Easy Dessert Recipes – Slow Cooker Baked Apples. They are great, easy to make and very comforting remind…

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Victoria Paikin says:


hiyasweets says:

I should clarify that I’m not laughing at your cooking…Just you being you
which is what draws me back again and again.

graciebobbles says:

My six year old daughter is off school today with a sore throat but was so
inspired by your tutorial that she leapt off the sofa to help me make them.
Can’t wait to taste them later! Thanks, x

maplepoon says:

OMG I love slow cookers. I am cooking up a slow cooker storm. Kelvin

hell0hkitty says:

perfect and colorful for christmas! lovely!

Victoria Paikin says:

You’re welcome :-)

justamurmur says:

Yum! xoxo Robyn :)

Victoria Paikin says:

I’ll email them to you 😉

Victoria Paikin says:

Thank you.

DoreenElise says:

I am making this tonight….thank you for such an easy recipe.

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks, just having fun.

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks :-)

Victoria Paikin says:

I have 2 one is smaller then other so my consideration is amount of food
that I want to make. Thanks for watching my videos :-)

Victoria Paikin says:

OOO It’s so sweet tel your daughter to feel better and hi from me :-)

chrisroor says:

Looks good :)

Victoria Paikin says:

I now. Thank you so much :-) Have a great day!

Victoria Paikin says:

Good luck :-)

erickaarredondo3 says:

Easy recipe mmm yummy…..thank u

John Texas says:

I see you using more than one brand of slow cooker; do you use specific
ones for specific dishes, or are you just like me and have more than one?
Love your videos.

Susan Stamey says:

Victoria, you are just adorable! Those apples look really yummy!

9 Moons Design says:

WOW!!! It looks so GOOOOOOD!!!! Yummmyyyyyyy!!!!

Chef.Avoir Chaud says:

wow this looks so gorgeous!

hiyasweets says:


Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks Robyn have a great day :-)

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks 😀

subotaj says:

I want them now! :) brilliant.

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks :-)

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks darling I appreciator it :-)

Victoria Paikin says:

Thank you! I make a lot of soups in this slow cooker.

Victoria Paikin says:

You’re so welcome :-)

janetka1981 says:

Great recipe!

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