Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas for Kids

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Kid-Friendly Recipes 😋 Are you searching for kid-approved meals that are healthy, delicious and easy to get on the table after a busy day? Grab some of my family’s favorite recipes right here in this video, plus sign up for the FREE picky eater’s e-course to help encourage your kids to try new foods. 👉 https://bit.ly/Sidebarcourse
Lots of dinner recipes for kids plus family-friendly table ideas that will help transform your mealtimes.
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🎥 CHICKEN TERIYAKI: https://youtu.be/iW5o0aM9CYE
🎥 BURRITO BOWLS: https://youtu.be/UN5ZqbpOnN4
🎥 CHICKEN BROCCOLI ALFREDO: https://youtu.be/zrZhNRrjcG4
🎥 PALEO CHILI: https://youtu.be/SozhGf9o4Vo
🎥 TACO SOUP: https://youtu.be/FhVKRtc–Q4
🎥 COPYCAT MCDONALDS NUGGETS: https://youtu.be/ekdmX_PFu5g


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E.M.Y E.M.Y says:

Can u make a video on how to make each of those recipes plzzzzzzz thank you!!! They all look delicious 😋

Stella Diesing says:

Cool also boo heheheh

Eguavoen Aghedo says:

Let me tell you this. I am absolutely LOVING these recipes and they are soooooooo yummy looking and simple. Keep it up, please don't stop….. Ever.

Kathleen Smith says:

Cauliflower can be pronounced either way according to Meriam Webster. Kind of like tomato or potato, there is more than one way to say it.

hersheys man says:

oo you know what sounds good?
rice,plant based chicken,peas,cooked carrots,and corn.
I also heard that peas help love weight.

Leign Fuentes says:

This recipe will really help my daughter to eat healthy meals. Thank you for this fantastic recipes.
I'm a Filipina and we have the same surname. So amazing! ☺️

ljwilliams10 says:

I love your bright green shirt! And I can never get enough healthy/kid friendly :) Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Lyle says:

Great bloopers!😂 I think I say cula-flower. (We also say pop not soda)

Sherrie McWaters says:

Hi Laura!! These recipes look amazing. I definitely make the chicken teriyaki. Thank you for sharing 😊

Chef Travelers says:

Good recipe another idea thanks for sharing.. Yummy recipe

Corinne R says:

I have a kid who has texture issues. Gags on mashed potatoes and almost all other cooked vegetables except peas. Also he can seem to taste when something has vegetables pureed into a sauce so he's cautious about sauces. Any suggestions other than the raw route we keep going with? (which is better than nothing for sure).

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