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Hey loves,

This week we are doing a little Keto experiment! You guys wanted to know if I ate low carb tortillas for a week straight would I still lose weight…so I put it to the test! I also included some low carb / keto friendly recipes, an update and some chit chat! I hope that you enjoy this video and if you do, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

Much love,
Tiff, Xo

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Chelsea Bradley says:

I like how honest your are in your weight loss journey… you don’t find that in these weight loss video’s. This gives me encouragement. 🌻

The L.Z Show says:

Have you tried mr tortillas 1 carb tortillas?

Dianne Eubanks says:

Looks yummy!

Healthier Me with Z says:

Thanks for letting us know about the tortilla with 5 not carbs. I'm on a weight loss journey too and can definitely use this 💜💜💜👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Lana Lathan says:

Everything looks delicious need to try these i watched you vlog i didn't notice anything but if you felt it or see it that's al that matters stay healthy doll 🤗

Rachel Soliz says:

How do you make your dressing sauce for your coleslaw

Lori Cogsdale says:

What sauce did you use on the Cole slaw?

Chaotic Country says:

That taco crunch. Girl. I’m almost drooling. I’m making those ASAP

Chaotic Country says:

I’m trying my best t to stick to keto I know it is what’s right for my body but I just struggle so much especially at the beginning

Koco Onlyme says:

Hi dear. I HAVE A QUESTION?? FOR your tortillas do you do keto tortillas or regular corn tortillas that are low in carbs please share like your video by the way ..

LittleMonsterFame85 says:

Have you tried using low carb granola as cereal? I do this sometimes and it tastes pretty good. Some of the granola has chocolate and peanut butter etc. it may help you when you crave cereal. I like it with almond milk. 😀

Ruth Durosier says:

Yesssss, I make all of my quesadillas like that. BEC breakfast quesadilla is my favorite.

Michele Trapani says:

Where do you get the Sola bread plz….? (spelling)

kerryl ramdial says:

Yesss! Love how you made some bomb ass meals that are super delicious and edible (lol) and you lost the weight! Love the balance. Feeling super grateful for this video, this channel and YOU! <3

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