Extremely Delicious Japanese Food Recipes

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All credit belongs to the creators of the videos, I did not own the videos unless stated otherwise

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0:44 @jasmineandtea
1:34 @nourachan
1:59 @twin.nwin
2:22 @jasmineandtea
2:50 @cookwithdana
3:23 @jasmineandtea
3:34 @kyliekooks
4:26 @eshita_st
5:25 @cupoftj
6:01 @franziee09
6:22 @tiffycooks
7:23 @nishcooks
8:24 @jasmineandtea
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Foodlaver says:

If you're reading this you should scroll back up and smash that sweet like button

Twixiedoodle says:

Thank god for this. My japanese family looks doen on me for nit beimg able to cook. I'm gonna impress them with this 😤🤌🏻

NENE M1NAJ says:

The name of the first song now 🔪🏠
Edit; nvm it’s called Dolphin by Oh my girl but IU made a cover of it.

via says:

asian culture is so beautiful

Lucy Jenner Advincula says:

what was the title of the first song?

Pastel Gaming says:

For the third one I heard Karen out, Karen out

Laura C. says:


Nabia Kb says:

My older sister used to mack us the first one (without the rice) and it was DELICIOUS🥺😍😍😍😻😻🥴🤤🔥

LION GAMING sj says:

All these food completions be poping up for me during im fasting like what the heck

annako ツ says:

Came because of anime

Princess D. Camero says:

nagugutom ako.

sino pwede kainin jan:>


Christine Müller says:

Okay the first one didn't help..I have that song stuck in my head for so long…

emmievrse says:

1:44 does anyone know where i can get a bowl like that ?

ash gotcyu says:

oooo I can smell it though the screen~ 😊

kahvio says:

The second video of the mochi recipe actually works! if you don’t cook it fast it does get hard tho :(

todohxi says:

Thanks a lot for giving the credits

Winnie별 says:

Thanks u for uploading!

AnimeYukioYamada says:

All the food looks delicious. I would make them for dinner but my parents don't really like japanese food :(
<3 Yummy <3

Destiny Salmon says:

Dropping down notes after seeing katsudon to give to izuku when I finally shift🥰

Rory Flynn says:

I don't like the softness of regular mochi, so ice cream mochi is the bomb

KawaiiandDark says:

Kinda random thought I had on the Croquettes video
I've seen a lot of air fryer videos and the recipes still call for quite a bit of oil, I wonder if people are adding oil so it won't stick or for the color change to breading on some of those recipes
Because if it's solely for the bread crumbs to be browned, then why don't they brown the bread crumbs first?
I do this when I make baked katsudon, it looks and tastes the same with less oil so I can control my oil intake (I also cook with coconut and olive oil)
I'll probably try this when I decide to get an air fryer aka when I have more than 2-5 recipes I can make with it and thus can justify the purchase to myself (unless I find it on sale for under $50, then that will justify too lol)

xxmillyyan207 xx says:

literally such an underrated channel for food :((

꧁Kana 지원꧂ says:


i miss hawaii

Ngl the pronounciation for "furikake" and "musabi" annoyed me a wee-

Rainii says:


pahmun1able says:

okie,just tell u guys, a lot of these foods are wat I eat😐

Alisha Merrifield says:

Im gping to try and make mochi, do you have to use strawberry or will it make no difference if I used vanilla?

yuri says:

Im just here for the onigiri💟💟💟

Anne Sniffen says:


Skeleton bird animations says:

I made fire so you could say in a professional

It's less funny and impressive when I tell you I have a gas oven

Berry_flavored • 8 years ago says:

If my parents actually bought food for the house I would be cooking this everyday

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