Five Holiday Cookies To Give Out As Gifts • Tasty

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Cookies make for an excellent gift 🎁 Get the recipes here:

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Kaat777 says:

So what happened to the "save half" of the roasted almonds in the Salted Caramel Coconut Cookies recipe?? All the roasted coconut flakes went into the blender but only half of the roasted almonds. Later on you have to roll them through a mix of 3 oz almonds (the saved half already roasted? New batch?) and 3 oz coconut flakes (definitely a new batch since the rest went into the dough mixture). So what happened to the saved half? This gives me anxiety to no end! Existential crisis, and no mistake.

Gail Cleaver says:

Heartclash: Hey, Tring. Can we make some gingerbread cookies?
Tring: Anywhere would do!

Sheila Torejo says:

Tasty is all about coconut oil and coconut butter these days. I wonder why.

Shah's cooking vlog says:

I love the way you cook.keep it up….

Andrea Torres says:

Emma's goodies uploaded a way better selection of cookies on her channel.

daisy nguyen says:

5:43 my fav out of all of them tbh

Anne-Audrey Lariviere says:

Why almost all of them have almond in it… I'm mean hello to all the people like me that can't eat it… And you think at no dairy but never gluten free option… That's why those video don't have a million views anymore, they have to think of something else or it would not work anymore

Jungkook Kookie says:

Thank you for the vegan cookie at the beginning!

Mélissandre L. says:

Thanks for starting with a vegan recipe <3

Miso Anime says:

I would leap with joy if someone give me all these😂😂

Layan Kareem says:

Who came here after watching BTS? Like and reply!💜💜💜

here's the mOtheRloVInG tea says:

Watch me making all of them for myself ✊

Miu Iruma says:

If you really wanna do ppl 🍪 cookie dough rather than cookies as they can bake it and eat warm cookies eat directly or put in icecream.

wario with no friends and 50 subscribers says:

who wants to make them but dont have ingredients..

Willie Leon says:

Carrots, coconut flakes, almonds I don’t want my cookie to like a trail mix 🤢 give a good old fashion chocolate in my cookie. Y’all doin to much tasty

Dreamy Crafter says:

The second recipe was normal until they added carrots

Prismarine227 says:

Ah yes… vegan cookies


remy petroleum says:

7:38 "Vegan Snowflake"

Whitney XD says:

Nooo….why would they add carrots to cookies…

Lily Zurbuchen says:

None of these look Tasty to me… it’s too healthy! Christmas is when you can eat a little extra sugar! And not dried fruits!

Ev Violin Gacha says:

These look great :3

Akito Uncrnprncs says:

Love u 4 vegan recipets

Total Darkness says:

I would make a Christmas joke but…

I’m not nice

Martha A says:

To healthy for me..🤮

Francis Nguyen says:

Ohh I love five Holiday cookies to give out as gifts.

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