Four Cookie Hacks To Try This Holiday Season • Tasty

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Have your cookies be the talk of the town this holiday season with these four cookie hacks 🍪

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Lauren Carney says:

Don’t make the aquarium cookies I tried to and it took 4 hours I didn’t exaggerate and they were so hard to eat we had to put them in the trash

Jessica McMullan says:

seriously where do you get your music???

Manu Michiels says:

Love the music

Maxy B says:

So these aren't hacks at all and just a compilation of old recipes,
Idk why I was hoping to actually get good advice lmao

N e way going to bon appetit channel for actual hacks

Haroon Aflaq says:

Just think about all the dishes there going to have to wash

Angeline LaFave says:

What’s with the Chinese symbols? They have their own version of YouTube stop crowding my screen with communist pandering

Emily Vaughan says:

ok that last recipe is actually amazing

Funes Bonilla says:

That music tho

••The •• derpy•• Panda :3 says:

I'm just concerned if it tastes good.

Emily Caitlynn says:

oh yeah because i love eating jolly ranchers i’m with my cookies. how’d you know?!

Anjali Luthra says:

What can I use instead of eggs?

probably not says:

This music makes me wanna rip my ears off

bindu madhava says:

How is she going to find that other piece of candy cane

• M ø n n h i g t • says:

Cuando a tasty no le queda más musica:

Tasty:Cumbia :v

Not_TryHardDah says:

Who else is getting hungry watching this

Janice CryptoRodríguez says:

“Like water for chocolate” mood.

monny287 says:

The only thing this video taught me was that none of the Tasty producers knows how to cream butter and sugar together. Those cookies are probably dense af.

Emily says:

What is this music? Doesn’t seem To fit the theme.

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