Fresh Poached Cod with Buttered Veg | Bart’s Fish Tales

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Our very own resident fish expert Bart Van Olphen has travelled the world to bring you the freshest fish recipes. Here he stops off in Reykjavik, Iceland in time for today’s catch of cod. Bart shows us how to gently poach a cod loin and serve it with steamed vegetables dressed simply with melted butter. Really fresh, honest food from the master of fish.
Bart set up the first sustainable fishmongers in Europe and knows loads about how we can enjoy great fish without harming stocks for future generations. He has a ton of fantastic fish recipes on his channel right now :
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GF – This recipe is Gluten Free.

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Mehdi Hassan says:

blandest dish i have ever seen. although the fish looks appetizing

sarahx87 says:

is fish easier to digest than red meat

Tim Walker says:

How many times can one person say 'beautiful'

George Bowman says:

😋 yummmy sign me up lol

George Bowman says:

Yum.. I want some 🐟

Bartosz Ciepliński says:

Best type of food, easy, quick, healthy, delicious.

Stuart says:

He is right about the cod. Supermarket cod and even many fishmonger poached is tasteless. Looks like I'll have to hang out at the harbour in Whitby to get my fresh cod.

O L. says:

1:31 Poaching Instructions

Rod McDonald says:

I live in the mid-west of America. I can't get fresh Cod.

T T says:

He had a fork and was still eating with his hand. Fail.

Zencann says:

So simple and tastes like a 5 star fish. The key to dining at its best!

Soney Liston says:

Hes right, I used manky smelly one month old cod, not the fresh stuff, it turned out real bad…

Rod McDonald says:

Simple and delirious.

CS says:

Add a boiled egg and steamed cabbage, use salted dried cod instead of fresh and drizzle it with olive oil instead of butter and you'll have made the traditional Portuguese Christmas main course. Sprinkle it with freshly chopped garlic if you're a grown man, because o bacalhau quer alho

Samuel Cho says:

Ed sheeran’s fishy doppelgänger

YanniBG says:

I just made this one for the second time and I love it so much! Thanks a lot, Bart! :)

33kaus holokaust says:

No wonder europeans colonised asia. Othetwise this is what they were eating… cave man food

Steven Holt says:

I'll be trying this. Cheap & healthy meal, that's full of goodness.

pollax troy says:

Nice simple food

Hammerhead Eagle I Thrust aka Geoff says:

Blandest recipe EVER

NinjaxFaart says:

Buttered vag*

OSI says:

This is so right.

Knute M says:

Jamie, here's a slightly simpler recipe as taught to me when I was living in Norway: Bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil, turn OFF the heat and immediately drop in your fresh cod steak or thick fillet. Let it remain in the hot water for exactly 10 minutes and then remove… it's done! If it was a steak the skin will easily slip off and the single spine bone will pull right out, leaving you with the most delicious, succulent fish you have ever eaten. Dip it in salted butter. It certainly is not bland.
This technique works equally well with Halibut and a few other fish, but NOT all types. I've tried and failed with salmon and Pacific "cod" for instance, but it was no go.
Thanks, Jamie for showing this way to make perfect fish! Most everybody else seems to only know to fry or bake fish.

Noogabar says:

well im never going to have "fresh fresh cod"

BucketBrain1 says:

I did the same, but with extra-virgin olive oil, and a few beans tossed with garlic and regular olive oil. Because I guess I just love to complicate things.
I love the idea of keeping it simple though: a few veg treated well. I don't think I'll ever go back to fish and chips from a store after how I felt after eating this.

Stephanie Conn says:

What happens if the cod is not super-fresh? I don't always have access to that. Looks gorgeous here, though!

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