Full Episode Fridays: Candy & Sweets – 4 Homemade Candy Recipes

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If you have a sweet tooth, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Paula is in the kitchen whipping up some of her confections that will sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in your family.
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The featured candies in this episode:

Chocolate almond coconut balls

Old Time Chocolate Fudge

Pecan Praline Morsels

Butter Finger

Enjoy your candy making and eating!

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lo gwynne says:

Miss Paula and the old shows from foodnetwork. Sick of the bs cake wars cookie wars chopped chopped chopped and the farmhouse woman they tried to replace Paula with. Laughable. Only one Paula. Hey ya'll

Paula Self says:

The best evening entertainment just wondering you always say throw it in the oven . What's up with that

Camille Coopersmith says:

Love your. Cooking show Paula

blue bell says:

I read this as “confederacy creations*”

Sammy Hakim says:

These recipes look very delicious Paula.


Paula come back and cook. Not everyone believes what happened to you is based on truth. You're an amazing cook and make eating fun and enjoyable instead of distasteful and full of shoulds and shouldn'ts. Miss you.

Carol Baker says:

Paula I've been watching you for years I miss you so much wish your program would come back on Dish I watch u on Evine when your on that isn't often enough when I was used to seeing you every day you an the boys are sadly missed Paula

Elizabeth Netzer says:

Thanks for the wrapping tips, too.

Elizabeth Netzer says:

Hi Paula, love these recipes and can't wait to make them, can't decide which one I like best but will make them all. You need to get your TV show on again, so many of us miss you and love you so much. Hugs, Love & Blessings from Canada.

Jonathan almo Orenday says:

Paula Deen and Nadia G need to get their shows back up on Tv….

Tina Simpson says:

Food Network

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