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Japanese ginger pork or pork ginger recipe, also known as shogayaki or shougayaki.

In Japanese is written 生姜焼き。

It’s a thin slices of pork glazed with sweet ginger sauce. It’s super tasty, easy to cook, goes well with rice.

Please try this recipe at home:)

Details and tips:

1. The amount of pork slices I used was about 300g.
2. The sauce is SOY SAUCE, MIRIN and SUGAR in 2:2:1 ratio. Ginger is no more than a teaspoon, grated.
4. if you don’t have access to thin pork, use thicker pork(you still want it as thin as possible), coat it with wheat flour before frying. This helps the meat to stay juicier and the slight crust holds the sauce better.

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TheGuyNextDoor says:

I ran out of mirin but made shogayaki with soy, sake, and sugar. It also worked out quite well. Added the sake to the pan to let it evaporate and get rid of the alcohol smell, and then proceed with sugar and soy.

J i says:

Would love to learn your recipe but your is just too loud .

Jerry Busch says:

Your music ruins this video completely. Can the music!

Jenna Micieli says:

I notice the sugar is not white, what kind is it? Thank-you for making the time to make this video!

Christopher Calara says:

Thank you for this video. Looking for recipe for this, this is one of my favorite Japanese dishes to pair with rice.

Brian Gallagher says:

Had never heard of this before. I tried your recipe and it was very good!

Bob Reefman says:

Great to see you again. My wife and I took classes from you in 2012 and 2013. We are still using your techniques and tools that you recommended.

Corral Lobo says:

I’m glad I found you on YouTube! My wife and I took your class about 2 years ago on our honeymoon, very good memories!

Monthon Naksri says:

Your class was one of the highlights of our trip! Good to see you uploading Taro!

elucid07 says:

I've been following you for like 8 years. So glad you're uploading again!

Peter H says:

Great video Taro-San! Keep up the great work and content

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