Gluten Free Granola | Healthy Recipes

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We love sharing healthy recipes! Its always great to get new ideas to keep things fresh and the motivation going!!! This is one of our fav’s especially for s…

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Goldstar Glitter says:

What can you use instead of applesauce? I can’t eat apples:( can’t wait to
try this

Choua Yang says:

How do u keep ur breast to stay perky? Becuase I know working out maybe
make u lose ur breast a little 

Safa A says:


Shelley9090 says:

Awesome recipe!

4utob says:

Its in the oven right now!!

Stephanie Helvie says:

There are a lot of reasons that people go gluten free, one reason is Celiac
Disease another is simply a gluten intolerance but as far as I know the
last reason is simply because flour has been processed so much that there
are people who doubt whether it is actually good for you. A lot of people
lose a lot of weight (approximately 10 pounds a month for the first few
months) which can support that opinion. All I know is that I took gluten
out and I lost about 8 pounds in one month.

Brittany Powell says:

I’ve been trying to be gluten free, since I’m gluten sensitive. It’s damn
hard. haha EVERYTHING has gluten in it. I appreciate this recipe tho!

cr8ziibby292 says:

sooooo friggin excited how you guys are on an upload rampage. <3

Sarah Hanzel says:

Love to have a tutorial on how Laura got her curls….or “bends”

John Carry says:

Love your videos… please do more TAGS. Thanks!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

tatiana salazar says:

i love your guys’s cooking videos haha they make me smile and i actually
try them like the eggs with salsa and avacado… OH EM GEEEEE <3

Laura Heppolette says:

Yeaaaaah Gluten Free! Thank you ladies!

Annie Strole says:

YUM!!!!!!!!!!! Laura you look BEEEEEYOOTiful.

MMandLShow says:

Its made by Beck Dutch Caribbean! Amazing jewelry!

Tom Seme says:

How come you didn’t reply to my friends graphic channel that made you the
custom pink channel art?

parkcitygab says:

OMG!!! Heaven

Naomi TheBookLover says:

I almost FLIPPED when I saw an MMandL recipe!!! I eat the MMandL tuna mix
pretty much every week and I have been dying for another healthy recipe!
xoxo <3

54321adrienne says:

you should put in ground flax seed, your body cannot break down and absorb
whole flax seeds

gretchstars says:

Ooh yum! Love when you guys do health tips! When I try this recipe, I will
post it on my blog!

mbennettslove says:

Would love more food videos, My family eats gluten free to, and I love it
when I see or find a new easy recipe, its so easy to get burnt out cooking
and baking all the time!!!

reg2916 says:


flipsun12 says:

is your whistle necklace from Jcrew!?!?! i bought it for my mother on
mothers day!

StephaniieeT says:

laura your singing voice is soo entertainingg.” im being soo careffuuUUUll

Jessica Linville says:

Thank you for doing a gluten free recipe! Are either of you gluten
intolerant or celiac? Just curious…

heyxjew says:

Thank you for the recipe! I just started eating gluten free do you guys
have any other gf favorites?

Laura Elfstrom says:

OMG long this video! Would love to see more healthy videos! thanks!

Sarah Greenhouse says:

don’t want to be all like, um you are wrong. But I just wanted to let you
know that if your flax seed is pre ground the nutritional value is
significantly decreased, you want to grind it every time you use it. Also,
using whole flaxseeds is pointless, they will go straight through you! :)
The granola looks amazing, though!!!

jillian0927 says:

Try gluten-free (vegan) chickpea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!
Everyone loves them. You can add whatever to them: nuts, spices, dried
fruit, etc. I use the recipe off of “Ambitious Kitchen.” So yummy and

Jamie Lyn Barton says:

I can’t sleep so having an MMandL marathon ha!

Stephanie Helvie says:

but I’m also extremely gluten intolerant

Maquillage79 says:

If I tried to flip the granola over in the oven , I would have gotten it
everywhere . I’m going to make this today !!!

maybememories925 says:

Yes, please do this, @mmandlshow !! Pros and cons would be great. We need
some REAL TALK!!! :) Thanks!

ViktoriusME says:

I absolutely LOVE your cooking videos and always try them. The lEggs and
the tuna mix are my favorites:) please do more recipe videos!

MMandLShow says:

HA! Michelle calls me Larmom, its one of my nick names :)

cr8ziibby292 says:

laura is a mom?

B Dasi says:

I totally thought u were making granola bars oops. I love this recipe
already have been using it since December

sam harding says:

what can you substitute for the applesauce?

kaikaleidescope says:

Please do more of these!! Love you Michelle and Laura xxx

Trittabug says:

Cant wait to whip this up! Id love more simple, healthy, on the go

Sara Brodersen says:

Love your healthy recipes Laura! Keep ’em coming! :)

Donna Hicks says:

Yum! I add my sunflower seeds to my granola! And of course lots of
cinnamon! Love your videos!

Raluu u says:

That was amazing! And it looked so delicious,too !! I love you guys!! You
both look gorgeous! Could you please film a fitness/how to get fit/lose
weight kind of video? I would love that ! Love!<3

Haloskeeper1 says:

♥ sounds amazeballs… i’m gonna make this.. thanks girls.. ♥

Melissa Drummond says:

we’re not baking a cake here ha!

Stephanie Helvie says:

I have the same issue you are not alone

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