Gordon Ramsay Teaches How To Pan Roast A Pork Chop | The F Word with Foxy Games

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Gordon demonstrates how to pan-fry a pork chop.

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Neil Williams says:

You may be a damn good chef Gordon but, you never told us how long to cook the pork chop on each side.

Jordan C says:

0:48 where did he drain the butter!?

Squo Crawford says:

When his kids ask for an after-school snack.

Ryan Hong says:

Wow school teachers probably hated Gordon when asked to show his work

IchiDubs Gaming says:

Every time I watch this there’s one thing that bugs me. The guy in the comments that was talking about the 3 words best to describe Gordon but then listed 5. Cooking 101 is knowing simple math.

dy1v3 says:

This isnt how to fight the ender dragon?

David Morrison says:


is te says:

I hate that the fat cap looks like teeth at the end 🤮

Christopher Vela says:

I only have one finger

george dominguez says:

I find myself high watching these delicious recipes! Lol

iedi3 says:

Am i the only one who likes the steak without anything else aside, just fried salted meat?

Jeffery Kusi says:

did he just cook something that would usually take me an hour in 2 minutes

Thomas Cisler says:

Did he just say low in calories?

John Ruiz says:

Way to stoke a flame on the stovetop! If a normal person tries pouring oil on the burner, they might burn their house down! Gordon must have a grease trap or something similar? 🤔🤣

Brake Davis says:

This guy got me pacing the all ova the damn place! Damn near killed my kids for spilling shit in that stupid ass crack between the stove and counter I'd drop dead if they eva poured oil straight down the burner like that..

Just_Ufriend says:

WHYYY everytime I want to make his food hE useS soMe wiNe 🍷 brUH I doNt havE wiNe

Angelic Anjelika says:

So im gonna not set fire to the fat and going to use thyme instead of the leaves he got, I aint got that . Yeah thanks needed this.

Mike says:

I actually find these videos teach you nothing. No measurements, timings, breaking down the process. Just 'here's a chop, here's some shit I'm throwing in. Easy. Now fuck off'

roy ratcliff says:

Sorry that was a rubbish dish mine is better.

kayewu says:

did this guy really drain that into the gas burner? lol

Jim Bob says:

I just made this. Subsituted wine with balsamic and honey for the glaze. I could have used more sage, however, It was absolutely amazing. Never thought I could make dishes like this.

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