Grilled Catfish With Butter : Summer Grilling

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Grilled catfish with butter requires little more than basic seasonings to taste absolutely delicious. Make grilled catfish with butter with help from this year’s winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Laura Hahn
Bio: Laura Hahn was recently a winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef.
Filmmaker: Ed Candelora

Series Description: When summertime finally rolls around, grilling definitely won’t be far behind. Learn about great grilling recipes for the summer with help from this year’s winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef in this free video series.

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Will Conway Jr says:

It looks undercooked.

Marioag20 says:

What a dumb bitch, you could tell that was her first time grilling catfish

Zamir Tarmu says:

Looks awesome am going to do this tonight. Thank you.

Karl Manning says:

What specific type of catfish was that? Channel? Blue? Wels?

D Nelsen says:

And make sure the catfish is dead before you cook it.

Tina Campbell says:

This was easy and delicious.

thatguy088 says:

"so you just wanna make sure that you're checking it," immediately turns her back on it :p

Dave1959 says:

Great Video , thanks for posting!

Ville Senpai says:

Dat grill doe

G Birdo says:

FYI mainly talking about the grillĀ 

G Birdo says:

Kitchen looks fucking nasty, Proper chefs cook in clean kitchens

rosinman710 says:

great job! thanks im bout to cook some!!

540cameron says:

Looks great. I love catfish

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