Gummy bears recipe | homemade chewy gummy bears recipe

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Sugar : 50 grams /1/4 cup
gelatin : 15grams/3 tea spoons
liquid glucose : 1/4cup/50grams
lemon juice : 2 tea spoons
Food colors : as per your choice
Flavors : as per your choice
water in sugar syrup : 1/4 cup
water in gelatine : 3 table spoons

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knowledge says:

When I was a kid, I ate gummies every day. Then we found out gelatin was haram. then I was so sad. Then in 90s we went to the home country. Guess what I saw at the store? Halal gummy bears. I literally lived on gummy bears there and came home with suitcase full of them. Everyone would ask me what I wanted as a gift or to eat and i would ask for gummy bears. In spite of living on gummy bears that summer, I never gained an ounce. when my mom visits the home country everyone always asks if they should send bhaloos for Knowledge. 😂🤣

Color Smith says:


phd Keith says:

What can you use in replacement of gelatin?

Phreek Xx says:

Hello! where can I get the liquid glucose?

Miguel Espejel says:

If I don't want any flavor (just pure sugar) and no colors, which ingredients would be applicable? Only sugar, gelatin and water?

Thiago Feltrin says:

This video shall be preserved for future generations

Digital box Emma says:

Can you use shop bought sugar syrup?


Wow such super gummy bears


If you add jello to it would it mess up the recipe

O'ktamjon Maxammadinov says:

Ozbek tilida olila iltimos

Dream world says:

Is it work?

Tariq Khan says:

is gelatine safe to use for eating purposes because we use in lab for experiment and told it is harmful?

Saeed Abu says:

Corn syrup is mandatory here?

Forhad Mollah says:

Lamon juice na dela hoba

kurdish blink says:

I watching the gummy bear video when I'm so hungry 😂😭🐻

Michelle's Adventures says:

How would I add tinctures or cannabis coconut infused oil

Starz Review says:

I wish I seen this first 🤦🏽‍♀️

Vilde Råvarer says:

Can you speed up the process by putting them in the freezer?

Zafr Sharfaz says:

Can we use s surenge

Sarina Haider says:

what temperature should i boil the syrup too. id rather stick to a temperature to make sure im right every time. what degrees would the syrup need to be heated too

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