Healthy Low Carb Low Sugar Snack Recipes | Mona Vand

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This video is part 2 to last week’s video (where I shared my low sugar meal prep tips)! This week I’m breaking down my top 3 low sugar / low carb snack recipes with exact ingredients :) Let me know your fav one in the comments!

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Shredded coconut:
Toasted coconut:
Cashew butter:
Cacao powder:
Coconut milk:
Hemp seeds:
Pumpkin seeds:
Sunflower seeds:
Mortar and pestle, option 1:
Mortar and pestle, option 2:

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Courtney Taylor Ribeiro says:

From all the research I've done, you can not have cashews on the candida diet!

Leah S says:

I've come to realize the last couple of months that I have a candida issue as well and I'm happy I came across your channel! I've been leaving out and incorporating certain foods like you mention and it really helps!

Nadia Tsirkova says:

I am starting the same diet, can you share more food recipes please? You are great! Thank you !

Mrs. S says:

Do you think too much sugar can cause hair loss? What do you recommend to prevent excessive hair loss? I've dealt with fibroids and a endometriosis procedure…thankfully doing better.

Shaye Clemons says:

She’s the best!!! Ty Mona for constantly giving great tips

PeTRA PAD says:

Amazing tips Mona! I love these recipes. Thank you.

Diane Clifford says:

Could I use coconut flour instead of the pulp?

EntreArizona says:

can anyone tell me if you guys use these foods for Keto? I'm really wanting to find out who does. I know my mom and I have been using these free recipes and they seem to work, does anyone have anything else that works (please tell me if there are any other ones) @t

Tammy Roy says:

This was awesome – can’t wait to try these yummy recipes 😋 and love the “get down into it and straight to the point” format !
Looking forward to more! Thank you 🙏💕
Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

Riley Nelson says:

Hi Mona love your jeans in this what are they?

My Creative Time says:

Would love to see a lunch & dinner meal prep video too! Can’t wait to make these snack recipes! Thank you for sharing!

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