How to cook a Cajun Roast with Potatoes & Carrots | soul food | Cajun recipes | Let’s Go!

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How to make an authentic Cajun roast with Potatoes & Carrots. This is a simple and easy recipe that is full of flavor but also original. Let me know in the comments what you think

To find my seasonings and more check out my website below

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MrCantfindanynames says:

Good to see my man Ralph doing his thang again. Hope all is well with you Wifey and the rest of LA… Roast looks great as all of your recipes brotha

Your Carnivore Teacher says:

Can You send me about 10 lbs of that? I'm so hungry now

Frank 001 says:

looks yummy 😋

Josh frank says:

It'll b mths b4 we have power, I need your money. Lmao, just keep it going scammer the baker.
Gotta b that, or I'm kinda thinking you're also a drama quee. You probably traveled to see ol joe aswell.

barb ryll says:

Oh Geez! That last pic And I'm IN !! Let's eat! 👌🇨🇦

Dave Williamson says:

Gonna have to cook me some of that now Ralph 😋 love the videos

David W says:

Looks awesome!! With the price of meat lately, I may have to wait to make this or raise my own cattle.

Phil Mike Hunt says:

Glad to see you guys are ok! Keep up the content. Would love to see some quick munchies food. One for the single folks that don’t cook too often. Your humble demeanor is genuine. #RTB4L

ItsAnOxTing says:

Ralphy the republican.

503 morgan says:

God bless keep cooking
It's natural therapy
Bk,NY in the blding

Benjamin Starks says:

Thanks Ralph…glad to see you back and in good spirits.

BIGNORB Scratches says:

Very Nice 👍🏻

Ben HRingel says:

Ralph comin in clutch once again

GrynchAwesomburger says:

Say it with me now: War Chester Shire Sauce. Murca.

Duu Mooo says:

This a fraud people have told me that he will only give out 10% of what's been donated I'll never donate again better off putting my money towards a real charity like the red cross or boys and girls club

Mike R says:

Bro that looks stupid delicious. I just bought a chuck roast today. I'm definitely gonna make this

Double D says:

Looks good my friend I’m gonna try your recipe don’t never stop what you’re doing brother God bless you and your family✌🏻💗

Monika A says:

Glad to see you and family are doing well now!! Thank God!

brandonthaman says:

Welcome back Ralph. You made it through another bubba.

Fulton Crabtree says:

I’m glad you and yours are safe and sound.

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