How to eat Crawfish in Louisiana like Cajun's 2013 Spring fling

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Part two is Here:
I have these every year, links to others:

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dell wright says:

paparazeeeeee invaded

Andrea Hollins says:

Some might be allergic to seafood, if I want to boil turkey necks and neck bones before the crawfish How long will that take?  Will I need to re-season the water?

Yliyah Hawkins says:

some of the best and coolest Cajun cooking videos on the web…..Thanks Jay…. @ LCR….love your stuff  …..BOY! LOL

shaq Fu says:

The women down south are fkn HUGE!!! I guess that takes some getting used to. Me personally no thanks, the food looks great. LSU is a thug school go Irish

The Cajun Redneck says:

Hey JB. My name is Brandon I am from Houston Texas and I'm tryin to see Is there anyway possible to be able to attend the 2014 Spring Fling? Just tell me what I would have to do. I am a great cook I LOVE to barbecue and I got Cajun roots so I'm pretty good at the Cajun cooking. So please let me know what I would have to do. Thank you.

Choronzon39 says:

JB, my intention is to attend your 2014 Spring Fling. Mean-while I was wondering if you could send some tips my way on how to break in my new WSM.

PrinceMansur says:

Hey Bwoy!!! Hey Man I Love Your Vids… Been watching for some years know. I Love Food. God Willing, This Is One Of The Main Reasons I'm Movin To Louisiana. "Good People & Good Food. I can wait to come to one of your Spring Flings, Even though I'm muslim and don't eat pork…"I'm gonna eat everything else" Peace & Blessings JB.  =)

FitAussieAngie says:

Lol this made me smile! Haha thanks for the invite JB :)

FitAussieAngie says:

Id love to come there, its on my to do list in the near future for sure. Id love to try out one of your dishes. Yum!

John Floy says:

This is some funny shit here boy!

stephanie albino says:

never had crawfish =[ so I like to watch videos of other people enjoying it at 6am ….looks like you guys have tons of fun keep up the tradition!!!!

Buck Bundy says:

Man the spring fling looks awesome and the food even better! Now if it wasnt a 12 to 16 hr drive from northern PA I would load the Chevy up with some cases and kegs of fresh local brewed "2 blocks away" Straubs and join yas! Hell, I havent been on a vacation in 18 years maybe next spring I'll have to take a trip down south… Stay safe and keep cooking!

waffler69 says:

Anywhere near Lafayette LA? I need to try some of that smoked gold I keep hearing about

TangoSpiceCompany says:

Seems like this event will become a YT tradition and I have already marked the calendar so we will not miss out next year.

bebebutterfield1 says:

It takes a very special person to open up his home to strangers JB and you are very special. TY for being you and sharing this with us.


I agree with JB, you did a fine job boiling up those crawfish Chris. They were terrific. See ya next year!!!

DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

We all' missed you for sure,was hopping you could have made it down.
Hope to see you next year if JB got it going on?

Rami Azul DZDDZD says:


Christopher Cervantes says:

JB!! Had a great time cooking and partying with you guys an gals. Looking forward to next year!

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Man I fell right into that one hehe Hozer :)

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Holy snappin Martha….Y'all were having way too much fun without Booger…Note to self when I go next year: wear a baseball cap, huh huh

DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

Hey JB, I really enjoyed my time down in da' bayou at The Spring Fling, it was great meeting everybody and hangout, hope you will invite all us down next year, thank you very much for the hospitlity. My video will be up in acouple days,I'll send it to you then.
Thank's again JB!

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