How to Grill Steaks

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Learn the simple trick to grilling tender, juicy steaks every time. Nothing’s more simple than cooking a steak on the grill, right? True enough. But there ar…

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Pfister Faucets says:

We just had a #KBTribeChat all about grilling today and it inspired us to go recipe hunting. Can’t wait to make some steaks tonight.

Tristen Naquin says:

U CAN EAT STEAK 100% RAW, SO Y HEAT THE MARINADE AFTER? THERE WILL BE NO HARMFUL BACTERIA. at meat butcher markets, they periodically eat a piece of steak to make sure it is high quality raw

quammibox says:

You can’t sear meat on the grill itself – thats called charring. To sear, you need a solid surface, like a cast iron sheet. The area between the “grill-marks” does not sear properly. Instead, try to create a heat zone of 400 degrees on your grill (the back is hotter than the front usually, between the burners is hottest) sear for 2 minutes per side, then cook in separate heat zone of 350, for 3 min. per side (this will give you a medium cook) use a surface thermometer to check grill temps.

anthonyjrodjr says:

What if I have smoker where do u get wood to smoke with some one let me know I’m in Phx,AZ usa

souderton89 says:

Dam I want that

RusPrideAK says:

depends how thick it is… searing is more about feeling than timing

louisanmial says:

i flip mine every 4 mins and it comes out just fine. is that night right?

Buffalo7878 says:

And for gods sake. Stop flipping the god damn steak.

dzg189 says:

Stubb*s Texas Steakhouse Marinade

roslee sulong says:

on your video 00:40. what sauce to marinate that?

roslee sulong says:

For seasoning, u just use the seasoning only? and add to the meat ?

Ozair Imad says:

The best steak video on youtube

swimmer23brown says:

this video has 14000 videos and only 1 comment

erdal0 says:


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