How To Make a Classic Pecan Pie • Tasty

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This pecan pie recipe is delicious and classic as ever!

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lil vicious says:

I made it and it is sssssoooooo good

Little Reptilian says:

Why don't mix the wet ingredients and then put in the nuts? That's stupid

berryboy888 says:

Definitely not enough butter; I use 1/3 cup (over twice the amount in this recipe). And also ½ cup light corn syrup, ½ cup dark corn syrup. A splash of bourbon helps too. 😉

Rafael Ferreira says:

is there a way to replace the corn syrup?

fizbinsfire says:

For those from the northern states it is Not pronounced Pee can pie. A pee can is something you take a piss in when there is no restroom around. No no my northerly brothers and sisters it is pronounced Puh con like the word duh or huh or uh and con like don or Sean or on. Let's start saying it correctly or go eat a Boston cream pie.

Nura Tuna says:

Which one corn syrup you using?

miss Grace Jones says:

pecans are so expensive in my town

Emily Na says:

How much of butter is that in grams??The internet has different answers, I don’t know which one is right…..

DrAbKaN says:

The moment i saw the corn syrup shot…. nope… i’m out of this toxicity

MaiWorld says:

At first I was like “WHAT THE FUCK, BEANS!”
and then it hit me LOL it’s 1am cut me some slack

renae livingston says:

Where's the brown sugar?

Alexis Aragones says:

If you search for pecan pie in YouTube you'll find a video below this one where the recipe is done with so much more care and attention than this rush hour. It looks so much better as well

Charlotte Clark says:

I would beat the filling longer then add pecans to the crust pour filling over it delicioust recipe thanks

Kassy Madland says:

Left tasty in charge of my thanks giving This year tried the whole turkey , potatos , chocolate chip cookies and the pecan pie. I thought the pie had a good flavor but the texture was off really sticky instead of gooey

yungxanhoe _ says:

right BEFORE thanksgiving

Leah says:

I've never had pecan pie. But ew, I never knew that's what was inside. No thanks.

J K says:

Call Sarah Huckabee.🤣

m s says:

And now the mans recipe. Go to the store and buy one

Abir Mazrab says:

The worst pie dough recipe ever that's why it's so hard to work with don't ever make this pie recipe

Mhyar Alzayat says:

love it… quick video and on point…

This Domesticated Diva says:

I can make a mean Pecan Pie Bar…but I have yet to try the classic Pecan Pie! Thanks for the tutorial!

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