How to Make Authentic Teriyaki Chicken | 5-Minute Recipes | Asian Home Cooking

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This is a very simple, 5-minute recipe for homemade teriyaki chicken.

Homemade teriyaki sauce is really easy to make, is cheap and has around a third of the sugar of commercial brands.

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シlanni says:

could you just use store bought teriyaki marinade and cook it with that?

yertel t says:

So good, so easy. Not a single scrap of chicken left over.

Kenneth Lim says:

What pan is that?

PMA DOOD says:

Lets say I wanted to add onion. How would you do it?

3ThreeHeadedMonkey says:

Just cooked this tonigh! I overcooked the chicken a little bit, but other than that it came out very nicely.

Some Jaywalkers says:

Hello I followed your recipe and I can’t get the sauce to turn into the glaze.. any tips ?

biloy montemayor says:

Your extremely cheating bruh you don’t even make the teriyaki sauce, you used a commercialized sauce and put a small portion of Japanese mayo on the side. You don’t even make a mayonnaise from the scratch, this dish ain’t authentic 😂 you are not a chef your just trippin 😂 nice trip bruh 😂

muzu musu says:

Like your recipe, but request you to speak loudly, and write every comment when adding contents.
Show on screen contents in writing

Sherman Sherbert says:

Link your recipe to teriyaki geez

Sherman Sherbert says:

Internet wanabe

Joshua Bales says:

yes to the terryaki….no to the mayonnaise, sry

sweet baby jesus says:

I love watching your videos! Everything looks so easy, keep it going!😊

Rick Gegenheimer says:

Adam clearly Loves all the aspects of his craft, he is an artisan of culinary Asian cuisine. He seamlessly spans multiple cultural recipes, with depth, history and real world home cookery! Thank you please keep up you fantastic education.

Brian 805 says:

What is the teriyaki sauce made of? It is mentioned numerous times that it is a homemade sauce, but there is no recipe!!!

It looks delicious. Please…. What is the sauce?!

MeiMeiGirl says:

i hope you can make a website for your written recipes

Ex-muslim Atheist Rebel says:

Not bad 😅🤭

Remy Sonders says:

Is the chicken done ♥️🐇😆😍

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