How to Make Banana Banana Bread |

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See how to make the best banana bread. Month after month, this banana bread recipe is the most viewed on Allrecipes. Shelley Albeluhn’s recipe has been saved to more than 150,000 recipe boxes and has thousands of rave reviews. And why not? This banana-banana bread is always super moist and has amazing banana flavor. Try it toasted!

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Chad Adams says:

Can i use self rising flour instead of the salt and baking soda?

Canal da Isadora Dias says:

I loved this recipe!!!

Sukh Nav says:

Can I use normal white sugar instead of brown sugar

rayumshahed says:

I make this at every party and Iā€™m only ten

Andry Chantel says:

First time making it!! It is so good..

tyress wiley says:

My baby boy brought me here, he is 18, Quality Time, thank u now we just waiting to see how it turns out šŸŒšŸžšŸ™‚

Mr. Dank Nugs says:

Banana banana bread

Larry Arthur says:

I just made one last night and it was so good that I am making on tonight.

ikha kha says:

Please sbustile indo

Your biggest critic Beware says:

Me and my family have recently tried this recipe and the banana bread was way to burnt from the top to bottom it was not moist but very dry I mean it depends what you prefer if you prefer a crusty burnt banana bread this recipe is for you but if you prefer it moist warm and soft banana bread then I suggest less time or another recipe ~ from a dissatisfied family who just wanted good banana bread

Grace Fadiji says:

this is my all time favourite recipe!

fish Laya says:

Misleading. I dont think video actually follows the narration interms of quantity narrated.

Charisse Young says:

bruh that aint over ripe bananas. its better to use bsnas dat are dark ya know

Savannah Mcdonough says:

I made this it is so good

Jennifer Mooc says:

I will make it now šŸ˜ šŸ˜

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