How to Make Chile Rellenos

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Gloria Vargas demonstrates how to make chile rellenos using Anaheim peppers, which often have a nice ‘kick’ of heat.

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Robb S says:

There's a bunch of fancy know it alls in the comment section here huh? I've been a chef for 14 years and can say the following whole heartily. Your Chiles look delicious. There's more than one recipe for everything. People complaining about cleanliness should see some of the kitchens that they order food from and the unhygienic cooks that prepare that food. Stop pretending you're fancy. Her kitchen looks fine. It looks like it gets used. A spotless cook top says far more about you than it does about her. Thanks for the vid. Home cooking with love creates the best meals you'll ever eat😉

marie hellman says:

Thank you, I think this looks great!

Hanan Nimri says:

At least clean the stove if your going to show it on YouTube

426 SUPER BEE says:

i Love Anaheim peppers much much more favor and heat over bell peppers

Heidi i says:

Omg these look sooooo good I plan on making these soon hopefully they come out delicious when I make them 🤞

Look4Good says:

I missed how to make your sauce. Can someone tell me where to find it and a link. Thank you. Looks so delicious

Uncle Go-rilla says:

This is a great video. Thank you for taking the time. This is the real NM relleno which is getting harder and harder to find in the cafes around the state.


rellenos are my fav mexican food

Jennifer Canales says:

Lol when she batter I thought she said butter lol she is Mexican ayyyy lol!!

Jaray Peoples says:

Awesome, i like mine in burrito

Sandra says:

Looks delicious!!! I like my crust on chili a little sweeter. I cheat & use pancake mix for my crust & top with queso.

Irene Barraza says:

Yummy ,yum, yum !!!!😋😋😋

Jonathan Smith says:

thank you Gloria , I put this inside a white flower tortilla and pored red enchilada sauce over the top and put green onions and cheese to make a wet burrito that my sister talked about eating at a Mexican restaurant thank you for helping to make this a success .

Beaner Schnitzel says:

Thank you so much fir showing me how to do that with the eggs y cornstarch, I just picked my chili’s out the garden and I roasted my chilies now I’m gonna do the rest, thank you soooooo much!

Believe 3.0 says:

What kind of cheese was that?

Joanna Vasquez says:

This looks delicious definitely making it !

jean f says:

Finally I have found my mom's recipe. I've been asking my New Mexico friends who are spossed to know. But they never gave me the way my mom did it! I use Big Jim chile from New Mexico and they can hold a lot of meat.

pungr says:

Nothing wrong with that lady's kitchen! It looks REAL.

Michelle Brown says:

Thank you. I have watched several videos n none of them have as good of directions as this video

JOFIE H. says:

Looks very very good 👍

Bobbie Greiner says:

I would like to try this recipe. We have a lot of jalapeno peppers. Will they work? I probably will have to order the stuffing cheese online. Could you please recommend the place/site from which to order? Thank you. Your video is great. Thank you for taking the time to make the video.

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